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“My Fair Wedding” Recap – Asian Fusion Bride

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Hello! And a great Tuesday evening to you, my fine friends.  I am back after our Oscar hiatus to bring you another EXCITING “My Fair Wedding” recap for your eyeballs.

Per usual, we start off with introducing our lovely couple.  This episode’s bride is Lauren, who looks a little like Chelsea from “Teen Mom 2.”


OOPS, Did I just totally out myself?  Yes, I watch Teen Mom, and 16 and Pregnant, and I’m not shy about it.  If I ever have kids and start a “Mommy Blog,” I will totally recap all these shows, too.

And our groom, Justin, who kinda sorta looks like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad.


(See, I watch good television shows, too.)

We quickly learn that Lauren and Justin are in quite the pickle because they lost their beach wedding venue a couple weeks before the wedding.  TERRIFYING.  Good thing David is about to show up and rescue them.

David meets with the couple and learns about their venue woes.  The bride said she’s been stressed out and crying a lot and I can’t say I blame her.


“No venue, Say whaaaaaat?”

The bride wants an Asian theme …



…. with some beachy elements, because our bride wants a beach wedding ….


…. which leads to ….

…. confusion.

Then somehow Bollywood comes up and suddenly the wedding is Asian-Indian fusion.  Okay!

Next we check out the bridesmaids dresses (on Andrea [short A] and Andrea [long A], btw. No, really).


David was expecting bright color and was underwhelmed.  The ladies think the dresses are alright but wish they were a little shorter.

Which for some reason is hilarious.

Then Lauren changed into her gown.

The bride really loves her dress but David isn’t so sure.


Have you noticed David has been really handsy lately?

David assures our bride that everything will be okie dokie smokie and she says she’s so relieved he’s there.

After the break, the first order of business is to … change the bride’s gown, despite how much she loves it.  Although, she is familiar with this designer, Sue Wong, so she doesn’t seem too sad about it.


Dress #1

She likes it okay enough.

Dress #2

She likes it.

David likes it.

The dress has some very pretty detailing.

I think she really, really likes it.

Dress #3

No one is really a fan.

I noticed they were really breezing through these dresses, and it’s because she gets to try on three reception dresses, too!

Dress #1


Dress #2



Dress #3


(Mindy’s favorite, if anyone is asking.)

Out of the three, the bride likes #2 the best.

She also likes the second reception dress, which makes sense because they are basically the same dress.

Then it’s on to bridesmaids!  Short A Andrea is here to help out.

Dress #1



Everyone likes this one.

Dress #2



This one is pretty but Andrea points out that the style might not be the most flattering on everyone.

Dress #3



I love the sparkle of this one!

Out of all three, Andrea likes #1 the best.  David has on his pa-pa-pa-pa-poker face.

After the break, David takes Lauren to a place called Tropical Paradise in Camarillo, CA.  There are several tents set up with various activities for Lauren.
First Lauren gets some henna tattoos.



Which is pretty neat-o.

Then Lauren got to watch some entertainment.  Chinese dancers ….

And Bollywood dancers.

Then she got to pick out some jewelry ….

Try some food ….


And try some drinks.



David’s drinking face.


He likes it!



I am exhausted just watching all of this.  Isn’t this a little much for one day?

As if this poor bride hadn’t had enough excitement, David tells her he is moving her venue to …. here.  Tropical Paradise .  Which is totally not near the beach.


But still beautiful, I guess.

It’s wedding day and David shows up to reveal to Lauren the dresses he chose for her (no shockers here).

He also brought some shoes for everyone.

Fairy Tale Hair and Makeup shows up to make the gals look fabulous.

While the ladies get ready we get a glimpse of the venue set up.

Lanterns, natch.




It’s outfit reveal time, and there were no big surprises.








I’m not sure what tShort A Andrea was worried about when choosing a dress that flattered everyone – all these girls are so skinny!








Pretty pretty pretty … she looks ready to go!


But wait ….

What’s this I see?

MORE DAMN TREES BLOCKING THE GUESTS’ VIEW OF THE AISLE?!?!?!?!?!?!  Did we not learn our lesson from that dreadful Snow White wedding?  Ugh.

Remember our drinking game?


Bottom’s up!!


I now pronounce you teen mom and meth addict.  You may kiss your bride.



“We can’t see s***!”

OKAY FOLKS, we are almost done. This episode feels extra long, doesn’t it? It’s not that it’s a bad episode … or a particularly good one … it just feels looooooong.

Okay, reception reveal.






I gotta admit I am less than enthused with the overall asthetic of this wedding, but I love the bright colors and jewel tones.  And the gold Chiavari chairs.  Me wanty.  But I’m not feeling the dirt ground.  Reminds me of walking around a fairgrounds.

Do you have another bottle of *insert your favorite booze here*?  Because we have a crier on our hands.

Sensitive grooms FTW.


BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! David has a separate loungy area set up for dancing and dessert.

But boring white tents?  These remind me of the EZ-ups in the infield at the NASCAR races.  Even when they visited the venue earlier in the episode, they had colorful tents.  WTH Tuts?






At the reception, the couple presents David with an elephant planter.  He looks THRILLED.

After dinner Lauren changes into her party dress.





They feed each other awesome elephant cake and then THE END.

The bride looked great and overall I liked the final result, but man I was really bored with this episode.  I really hope the next few episodes step it up.
Until then, please enjoy some Faces of David:

















And here’s a bonus face from next week’s ep:



I would love to know what everyone thought of this episode!  I am on the fence about it … loved the bright colors and the unique dresses, but those boring white tents made me cringe.  Oh, and if you are a Los Angeles couple getting married in April, May, or June 2012, MFW is now taking applications!  Yes, I applied!
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