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Mindy Versus the Wedding Dress Industry – Part Four

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While I’m away relaxing during our Disneyland mini-moon, please enjoy an entire week of these embarrassing photos of me trying on gowns!

DRESS SHOPPING, ROUND FOUR. Mindy vs the Wedding Dress Industry.

(This is really round five, but I couldn’t take any pictures at the fourth shop I went to, where I tried on six gowns.  So just play along, okay?)

Round four takes place at Kay’s Bridal in Simi Valley, CA, which was a really great shop.  My sales person was very friendly and all the dresses were out on display, not in plastic bags.  Everyone was very laid back and relaxed, even though it was a busy Saturday.  I really wish I could have supported this business, but, alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

This was also the first and only time I went dress shopping with my mother, which was really special!

Let’s get right to it!

Dress #30 – Casablanca 1869

This was a sample dress so it was on sale and I just fell in love with the pattern. It’s difficult to tell but there are little pink flowers in the beading.  And then I put it on was like, um, no.  My hips looked ginormous.  I know it’s hourglass-y, but it was tough to breathe.

Dress #31 – Maggie Sottero – Mystic.

Another sample.  I really liked this one.  I thought the scalloped neckline was very pretty and flattering. But a little too much lace.

Dress #32 – Maggie Sottero – Reema

Another sample.  This was the frontrunner today.  You can’t tell from the pictures but the bodice is sooooooo sparkly.  BUT it was just so ….. white.  So bright white.

I really loved it when I first put it on but LOOK!  THE CLINCHED FISTS ARE BACK!  I liked it less and less the longer I wore it (it’s supposed to be the other way around, right?)

I just want to point out that the woman in the dress who is partially visible in the left of the photo bought the FIRST DRESS she tried on.  What the ……  I was around for her ENTIRE dress shopping experience.  Meanwhile this is probably around the 30th dress I’ve tried on.  But I digress …..

I could tell the sale consultant really thought she was going to have a sale.  She asked if I was planning on wearing a veil, and I said no.  So she decided to “jack me up” by putting on a bracelet.  Here’s what I thought of that:

(I am not a bracelet fan, by the way.)

Dress #33 – Maggie Sottero – Edith

This one also had little pink flowers.  But again … so white.

Dress #34 – Maggie Sottero – Naomi

YAY, a non-white dress!  My beloved alabaster.  I really liked it.  I liked it, but it wasn’t as flattering as some of the previous dresses I tried, but turns out I really like the top of the dress, which I wasn’t expecting, so I learned something new about myself today.

Dress #35 –  Don’t remember

I didn’t write down the name of this dress because it was a big fat NOPE.  The back was pretty but the shape was all funky.  Yeah.

Dress #36 – WToo – Zhanna

I liked this dress a lot.  I liked the belt and the ruffles at the bottom.  But, I felt the bodice was a bit odd.

(Me explaining that I felt the bodice was a bit odd)

Dress #37 – Maggie Sottero – JSM1063

Another dress with pink flowers (my consultant was awesome about finding every dress in the store with some pink in it).  Pretty, but, the A-line style put me to sleep …. Zzzzzzz …. (also notice the clenched fist).

I’m smiling in this photo because I know this is the last dress I have to try on.

So what does everyone think?  All these dresses are pretty, but I just couldn’t commit!  UGH, I was SO frustrated at this point!  Did anyone else take forever to find their dress, or just me???
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