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Guest Post – Danica from ChicRunner.com and ‘My Fair Wedding’

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Hello everyone, and happy Tuesday to you!  Today I’m so, so, SO excited to bring you a guest post from Danica!  Danica blogs over at ChicRunner.com, which is an amazing blog and I recommend everyone check it out (when you’re done reading BFT, of course)!  But, perhaps Danica’s claim to fame is being the “Picnic Bride” from My Fair Wedding!  You may recall when I posted about all of Danica’s cute DIY items.  Well, she saw my post, we got to chatting, I asked her if she would like to guest on Budget Fairy Tale, and she agreed!  YAY!  So here is Danica talking a little bit about her DIY projects for her wedding, and her reaction to David’s changes!

(All pictures are from Danica’s personal collection.)

Hello Everyone! I am so thankful that Mindy invited me to do a guest post here on Budget Fairy Tale! My name is Danica and I was the ‘picnic wedding bride’ on My Fair Wedding with David Tutera. It truly was a very special experience and our wedding was everything I had originally envisioned and so much more! David truly does take things and make them so much bigger!

My original idea was incorporating red and white gingham, because that was used at my mom’s wedding, and I love it. We also added accents of navy. Both my husband and I love red white and blue, and we were thinking of a Ralph Lauren Catalog, East coastish feel when we first started planning. Something BBQ-ish, that reflected both of our personalities. We are both really laid back and thought this was a great idea.

 Then I started crafting. I made a bunch of little banners out of fabric that I liked and tied them all to twine. I saw this wedding and went this direction with our colors. I made the boutonnieres for all the guys. We picked out ties and my bridesmaids magically found their dresses on the sale rack at Nordstrom. We were originally going to use coke bottles, covered in different fabrics and lace to put the center piece flowers in. I made little flags out of paper and attached them all to different dowels. They were easy to make and added a lot of color to all our decorations I had thus far. Here’s a photo from our original table that I showed David! I had a picnic basket and the two things I’m holding are our pie toppers I made just by spray painting letters and gluing them to dowels. All the stuff for my projects I got at Walmart and Joanns. I used a lot of mason jars, a lot of hot glue and a lot of gingham. I also put our wedding menu on a black poster board, with a white paint pen.

Guest Post - Danica from ChicRunner.com and "My Fair Wedding"

David obviously had other plans! He brought our vision to life and added so many little decorations that I never imagined. I LOVED the lanterns that he added to the tables. He added huge baskets full of red apples, whereas I had a mason jar full of apples. He added so much baby breath and galvanized tins that made it look so rustic and country. He also added red umbrellas to hang the fabric banners from. One of my favorite accents to the wedding was the red truck that our cake was on! It was SO cute.

Guest Post - Danica from ChicRunner.com and "My Fair Wedding"

Guest Post - Danica from ChicRunner.com and "My Fair Wedding"

Guest Post - Danica from ChicRunner.com and "My Fair Wedding"

Guest Post - Danica from ChicRunner.com and "My Fair Wedding"

I literally had NO idea what he would do with our initial idea. I didn’t know what he would think of the BBQ theme and the summer feel to everything we had done. I didn’t know if he would like the direction we were thinking and what he would or wouldn’t change. I was so glad when he said he liked it! It was a wave of relief over me when we were filming.

I must say that everything on the show is truly as real as it appears. There are so many surprises and I really didn’t meet David until I opened the front door. I didn’t know the dress I was wearing until he came in the morning of our wedding and showed me in the big white bag. It was a crazy experience yet so much fun and exciting at the same time. David is truly as nice as he is on TV as well. He is so kind and genuine and fun to be around. With David comes the crew of the show, who are also awesome, but that adds about 40 people to your wedding, who you have no idea who they are! On the previous days of filming there were around 20 people there each day.

Both my husband and I are overjoyed with how everything came out and we still talk of our wedding all the time and how great everything was. The fire truck was so awesome and the church was so beautiful! It truly was a special memory that we will cherish forever!

Guest Post - Danica from ChicRunner.com and "My Fair Wedding"
{Ed. note – How GORGEOUS is this picture?!?}

Thank you, Danica, for sharing more of your My Fair Wedding story with us!  As a fellow DIY bride, I really loved your vision and execution!  Even if David hadn’t come along, your wedding would have been awesome.

Friends, don’t forget to check out Danica’s blog Chic Runner for more behind the scenes pictures and commentary on her experience filming My Fair Wedding.
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