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As you know, we here at Budget Fairy Tale are huge, HUGE, fans of DIY, not only for the (usually) money-saving aspect but because our general philosophy is that weddings should be unique, personal experiences.

I am a major sucker for all those wedding reality shows and I especially love David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding.  I don’t necessarily agree with the opulence he displays in his designs, but I like that he tries to embrace the couple’s style and ideas and make it “BIGGER.”  I was lucky enough to meet David a few months ago at a book signing, and he is SO magnetic.  When he’s talking to you it’s like you’re the only one in the room.  So basically, I heart David Tutera.

But, something I always find discouraging is how he poo-poos bride’s DIY projects.  Whenever a bride busts out the spray glitter, Tut’s eyes start rolling.  Can’t a girl have some fake spray painted flowers in her bouquet sans judgment?!?

This past weekend’s episode started similarly.  The bride, Danica, had TONS of amazing DIY projects for her picnic/BBQ themed wedding.

(Pardon my ghetto pictures – yes, I took pictures of my TV with my phone.)


Strips of fabric tied to twine!

Pendant table numbers!

Glass bottles with ribbon!

Mason jar drinking glasses!

Letter cake/pie toppers!

Chalkboard menu! Gingham table runner!

These were my favorite: DIY boutonnieres!

To my TOTAL surprise, David didn’t hate it!  He seems to hate anything that acts as a substitute for the usual floral.

Here’s what David looks like when he realizes he doesn’t hate something that has been DIY’d:

While we are at it, let’s gaze upon the many faces of David:

Good stuff.

Anyway, I love that David embraced the DIY aspect of the bride’s vision and made it “BIGGER” for wedding day.

Chalkboard menus!

Gingham table runners!


Fabric strips!

Glass jars with ribbon!

AAAAAND David kept the DIY bouts!  He added a flower (sigh) but what a big step for David.  I’m proud of you, Tuts.

Last but not least, do these remind anyone of a certain place?


The bride Danica is actually a blogger and you can follow her posts about her time on MFW at her blog, Chic Runner!


Did anyone else watch this episode and LOVE the DIY projects as much as I did?!?