5 Fantastic Gifts for Your Disney Bridesmaids

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What do you give to the ladies (and sometimes gents) who help you with everything related to Disney wedding planning? Picking out gifts for a big group can be a little difficult but it doesn’t have to be! These gifts would be perfect for your Disney-loving bridesmaids, whether you’re picking out a “will you be my bridesmaid” gift or you want to give them something special for the wedding day. The best part – these gifts are all handmade on Etsy, and I love supporting independent business owners!

5 Fantastic Gifts for Your Disney Bridesmaids
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5 Fantastic Gifts for Your Disney Bridesmaids

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Flat lay of two shirts. One is maroon and has "The Bride" in Disney font in black. The other shirt is pink and has "Bridesmaid" in Disney font in black.
1. Bride and Bridesmaid Shirts. These are so cute to wear at bachelorette parties at Disneyland!

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Three champagne flutes decorated with script font and a pink Mickey Mouse shaped decal
2. Bridal Party Champagne Glasses. Simple and elegant and personalized!

Shop other glass designs:


Pink flask in front of white background. The flask has a Minnie Mouse decal on the front.
3. Minnie Mouse flasks in pink. Just in case your crew is a little on the wild side!


5 Fantastic Gifts for Your Disney Bridesmaids
4. Disney Princess wish bracelets. So adorable to add to a “Will you be my bridesmaid?” gift box.


Trio of satin robes against a white background. First robe is black, second is white, third is pink.
5. Disney Wedding decals for satin robes. These look so pretty in photos, and there’s a matching bride design!

Did you get your Disney bridesmaids and groomsmen any gifts? Please share in the comments!

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