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Everything You Need to Know About Having Mickey and Minnie at Your Wedding

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When people hear that we were married at Disneyland, the most common question, usually sarcastically, is, “So, did Mickey and Minnie come to your wedding? Har har har?”

And my answer, with the straightest face possible, is always, “Why, yes. Yes they did come to our wedding. Donald was there, too.  And it was awesome.”

Everything You Need to Know About Having Mickey and Minnie at Your Wedding

{Photo credit: Root Photography}

Having Mickey and Minnie come to your wedding is one of the biggest draws of a Disney Park wedding. It’s a unique experience that no other venue can match! But there are a lot of questions that surround this fun wedding option.  Here are some things to consider before you invite the Big Cheeses.

COSTS: The most important thing you need to consider is costs. At the time this was published, the famous mice will set you back $1425 at WDW and $1350 at Disneyland.

APPEARANCE: There are a few standard outfit options for Mickey and Minnie.  Lots of couples choose their formalwear option – with Mickey in a tux and Minnie in a nice dress.  The standard options vary depending on the theme park, so ask your DFTW planner for your options.  Once in a while they can accommodate special requests, so don’t be afraid to ask but don’t be disappointed if the answer is “no.”

TIME FRAME:  Characters will only appear for the “cake cutting moment” which occurs about an hour after the meal is served, and will stay for 30 minutes.  Basically, your DJ or MC will announce their arrival, they stand watch while you cut the cake, then you have about 20 minutes or so to take pictures and interact with guests.  It goes by quick, so plan out those 30 minutes ahead of time but be prepared for possible chaos because some guests will LOSE THEIR MINDS when they see Mickey and Minnie.   For our wedding, we wanted to make sure every guest got their picture taken with M&M (if they wanted to) and we also wanted a group shot.  That with the cake cutting pretty much took up our 30 minutes.  Make sure you discuss your desired game plan with both your planner and your photographer.

MUSIC:  Once you decide you’ll have Mickey and Minnie as guests at your wedding, you have another major decision to make: What song will play as they walk in?  It’s an exciting moment so you will probably want to pick something upbeat and nostalgic.  Also, it had to be a Disney song and DFTW has to clear it ahead of time (just to ensure M&M aren’t associated with anything naughty).  Here are some ideas for their entrance song:

  • Mickey Mouse Club March
  • Fantasmic Theme
  • Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
  • Main Street Electrical Parade Theme
  • Steamboat Willie

Other songs to play while Mickey and Minnie are present:

  • When You Wish Upon A Star
  • Main Street music
  • “Married Life” the theme from Up
  • Mickey (by Toni Basil)
  • Soundsational parade music
  • Any instrumental Disney songs

Walt Disney World Wedding with Minnie and Mickey

{Photo credit: Disney Fine Art Photography}

The expensive involved with having Mickey and Minnie can be daunting, but I’ve never heard a couple say they regret the decision to invite these celebrities to their wedding.  You can count on Mickey and Minnie to bring the magic with them, and create a great memory for yourselves and your guests!

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