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Happy Birthday, Disneyland!  I came up with the idea for this post at 4:50pm yesterday and had my list completed by 5:29pm.  And if you think that’s not impressive, you should know I also took several social media breaks during that time.  Needless to say, I could probably come up with thousands of things I love about Disneyland.

In honor of Disneyland’s 58th Anniversary, here are 58 things I love about Disneyland (in no particular order, except maybe the first one).  Thanks to my friends and readers who also chimed in with their favorite things on Facebook and Twitter yesterday!  Did your favorite thing make the list?

All Photos by the talented Katie S, aka PirateTinkerbell on Flickr.  Check out her Flickr stream for amazing Disneyland photos!

Pirate Tinkerbell: A Briar Rose from Flickr

  1. Churros
  2. Pink Mouse Ears
  3. Dapper Dans
  4. Walking Down Main Street
  5. Fireworks
  6. PirateTinkerbell: Believe in Holiday Sparkle! from Flickr

  7. Seeing an Elephant Fly
  8. Sitting on the Castle Bridge and People Watching
  9. Flowers always in bloom
  10. Birds singing words
  11. Looking Up at Walt’s Apartment Above the Fire Station
  12. The Colors and Music of New Orleans Square
  13. Monte Cristo Sandwiches
  14. PirateTinkerbell: Monte Cristo from Flickr

  15. The Fireflies inside Blue Bayou
  16. The Smell of the Water Inside Pirates
  17. When Mickey Overcomes his Nightmares in Fantasmic
  18. PirateTinkerbell: The Mouse and the Dragon from Flickr

  19. When You Get a Really, Really, Really Good Jungle Cruise Skipper
  20. Randomly Seeing Your Favorite Character
  21. Roaring at the Matterhorn Monster
  22. Fighting Back Tears When You See the Castle for the First Time That Day
  23. Baby Ducklings Crossing the Castle Bridge
  24. Swan Topiary
  25. Singing Along with Snow White by Her Wishing Well
  26. Watching a Marriage Proposal
  27. Listening to the Screams from California Screamin’ While Sitting at the Cove Bar
  28. Surprising a Friend with a Personalized Birthday Button
  29. Spying on People from the Club 33 Balcony
  30. Beating Your Husband’s Score on Astro Blasters or Toy Story Mania
  31. Riding the Tea Cups without Puking
  32. PirateTinkerbell: Spinning in the Night from Flickr

  33. Having Your Fortune Told by Esmeralda 
  34. Watching Little Kids Have the Most Amazing Day Ever
  35. Watching the Flag Retreat Ceremony
  36. When the Main Street Band Goes By
  37. Eating a Candy Apple the Size of Your Head
  38. When the Cast Members Call You “Princess”
  39. The Rainbow Tile in the Parking Structure Restrooms
  40. Peach Sangrias at the Al Fresco Lounge Patio
  41. Feeling Young and Carefree
  42. When the Tiny Alps in Storybookland Align with the Matterhorn
  43. PirateTinkerbell: The Snowy Mountains from Flickr

  44. The View Right Before You Plunge Down Splash Mountain
  45. Walking around the Hub
  46. Taking a Nap During Great Adventures with Mr. Lincoln
  47. When the Photo Pass People Make You Do a Dumb Pose
  48. Patting the Mr. Toad Statue on the Head
  49. Searching for the Hidden Mickey in the Ballroom Scene of Haunted Mansion
  50. Touching the Golden Apple and Summoning the Evil Queen
  51. The Lights of London
  52. Taking a Break with a Mint Julep at the Fountain Next to The New Orleans Train Station
  53. Throwing Pennies Into the Big Thunder Railroad Water
  54. PirateTinkerbell: Big Thunder Splashdown from Flickr

  55. Mickey Ice Cream Bars
  56. Riding Grizzly River Rapids Over and Over Again on a Really Hot Day
  57. Getting Your Favorite Character’s Autograph
  58. When Your Vehicle Arrives Long Before the Ball in Indiana Jones
  59. The Cosmos at Club 33
  60. Getting Teary During the Baby Mine Part of Magical
  61. Snowfall During the Holidays
  62. Making “Bored” Faces for the Space Mountain Camera
  63. Dancing and Singing in the Animation Building
  64. That Feeling That You’re “Home”

PirateTinkerbell: Mickey, This is Our Magic Kingdom from Flickr

Now it’s your turn – what do you love about Disneyland?