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DIY – Gold Glass Jar Vases

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I’m almost embarrassed to write up a DIY as easy as this one.  Except when I thought about making gold glass vases for our wedding decor, I turned to the internet to make sure I was spray painting correctly.  (Guess what – there’s a wrong way to do it, which I learned when I asked Mr. BFT to spray paint glass jars and they ended up all drippy.)

So, for those of you want to DIY your own gold glass vases for your regal wedding, here is a tutorial!

First gather your supplies:

1.  If your jars have labels, soak them in hot water to loosen the glue to easily remove the label.  If you have a stubborn label, you may need to use a little Goo Gone.

2. Take your dry and de-labeled glass jars to a well ventilated area or outside.  Set up a tarp or something to protect your surface.

3.  Apply the spray paint using a sweeping broad motion until it covers the entire surface of the glass jar.  If you apply too slowly, the paint will be too heavy and you’ll get drips!  Let dry for at least 30 minutes.

4. Repeat Step 3 as needed, until the glass jar is completely covered.

5.  Let dry overnight.  Then flip the jars over and spray paint the bottoms.  Let dry for at least a couple hours before you turn the jars back over.

6.  Once they are completely dry, apply the clear finishing spray using the same sweeping motion until the jars are completely covered.

7. BONUS STEP: If you want to hang your mason jars like in the top images, use a bit of thick floral wire to create a ring around the top of the jar, then use a long length of ribbon to cover the wire and create a loop for hanging.  If you try to hang the jar using just ribbon, the ribbon may be too slippery to hold the jar, thus the need for floral wire.


{Bonus Joel McHale picture.  The gold vases are pretty, too.}
Let me know if you try spray painting your own glass jars!  You can use any color, and any glass container.  I would love to see what you come up!

First and last images credit to Root Photography.  The rest are personal photos.

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