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We Were Going to Get Married at Home, then Realized a Disney Wedding Fit Our Budget!

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We Were Going to Get Married at Home, then Realized a Disney Wedding Fit Our Budget!
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Disney Bride Catherine is planning a Walt Disney World wedding at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion and Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel Ballroom for August 2018.

For a couple of weeks after becoming engaged, I was on cloud nine. I was on Pinterest, The Knot, and every other bridal website you could think of, building our dream wedding. However, after some time we decided it was first important I took the time to finish school, and my fiancé worked to grow in his profession, before setting plans for our wedding. The summer after finishing my undergrad work we were ready to start looking at venues.

I knew I wanted my theme to give a nod to Beauty and the Beast, so we started looking at the beautiful vineyards of upstate New York. I fell in love with the picturesque fields and the rustic barns. I felt I could easily bring in components of Disney and have the perfect wedding. However, the price tag on a vineyard wedding did not have me in love. Every component was separately priced and it just seemed overwhelming and out of reach.

We also knew we wanted to keep our wedding small, just family and close friends. I had followed Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoons for years. One day, after looking at another venue that would easily cost us a down payment on a future house, a conversation about a destination wedding was sparked. I joked that Disney would be my dream destination and my mom and fiancé both agreed it would be the perfect place for us. That night, just for fun, I went on the website for what felt like the hundredth time. This time, I saw the different types of weddings Walt Disney World offered and how truly customizable each level could be. My fiancé and I e-mailed Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoon the next day.

Turns out, Disney ended up being the perfect fit. For years it seemed like an out of reach dream. Only those with “money to spare” could afford a wedding at the “Most Magical Place in the World!”

Well, let me be the first of many to tell you, I was naïve! Disney works with you to build the perfect wedding. For many, especially my fiancé and I, we found Disney to be more cost effective than any of the options we looked at in New York. Another huge perk is the Disney Wedding planners take care of everything! Disney has a list of preferred vendors, making the process even easier while looking at our options!

The different wedding categories at Walt Disney World are Wishes, Escape, and Memories and each one can be tailored to your needs. At first we were set on an Escape wedding. This wedding accommodates a wedding of about 20 guests, including the couple. However, as the Save the Dates went out, we ended up having about 30 guests for our wedding. We moved up a category to Wishes, which allowed us to have more guests and more flexibility as well. As we stated before, we knew we still wanted a small wedding, but now we didn’t have to worry about adding up different costs from different vendors. Everything came from one place!

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings can fit in just about any price range. They offer everything from private ceremonies with a cake and champagne celebration to ceremonies and receptions that take place in different parts of the parks. Disney weddings also offer Welcoming Parties and Dessert Parties. Anything you can think of, you can build into your perfect day. You can visit the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings website for current pricing information.

It is always smart to do research before you dismiss your dream wedding. Now we will be able to have our happily ever after in our dream location with our family and friends. Reach out to the DFTW planners and coordinators who are there to help! I hope this information helps couples out there be able to have their hopes for a Disney wedding realized!

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