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Blogging Conference Packing Checklist Printable

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I haven’t had a chance to write about it much but you may recall I decided, all last minute and spontaneous like, to go to Alt Summit, a design + blogging conference in Salt Lake City, UT (where it is currently 10 degrees as I type – this So Cal gal is slightly terrified).  This will be my third blogging conference in less than six months, which is super amazing and at the same time, slightly crazy, considering I have major travel anxiety.  One thing I do to keep me sane is to make a giant packing checklist to ensure I have everything I need – although despite my over preparedness, I somehow still managed to forget to bring my deodorant to Camp Mighty.  To avoid such screw ups in the future, I decided to immortalize my packing list into a handy-dandy printable that I can print out each time I head out to a blogging conference – or any conference, or vacation, or overnight trip, for that matter.

And then, I thought, “Why don’t I share this with the world?”  Moment of genius, I know.

So here it is, my ULTIMATE Blogging Conference Packing Checklist.  Feel free to download, printout, and check off.

Hopefully I remembered everything. But if I didn’t, I included blank lines on the second page.  You’re welcome.

Click here to download the PDF printable packing checklist

PS – If you find any typos or a glaring omission, I would love if you told me instead of letting me live with the horror of being imperfect.  Leaving a comment on this post is fine.

PSS – If you found this packing checklist useful, please share it with a friend or pin the image below to Pinterest. xo

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