Ask a Disney Bride eBook

Ask a Disney Bride

Answers to the most important questions brides and grooms have when planning their magical wedding day.

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Ask a Disney Bride ebook

Wedding Planning is Stressful, I Know …

I’ve been there myself! When we first started planning our wedding, I had so many questions. And planning a wedding at a Disney property or a Disney themed wedding comes with its own special challenges!

As I’ve stayed connected to the Disney weddings community through the years, I’ve seen the same questions and concerns come up over and over again.

Which is why I put together this book!
“Ask a Disney Bride” answers the most common questions Disney brides and grooms have about starting to plan their wedding.

This is the guide I wish I had when I started planning!


Questions (and answers) covered in this book include ….

How Do We Know if We Can Afford a Disney Wedding?
How Do We Get Started with a Disney Wedding?
Will Our Guests Be Excited About a Destination Wedding?
Is it Okay to Have an Adults-Only Wedding at Disney?

What Should I Expect from My Bridesmaids and Groomsmen?

 Our Guests Are Making Fun of Our Disney Wedding. What Should I Say to Them?

Are Honeymoon Registries Basically Asking for Cash?

How Do I Deal with Post-Wedding Depression?

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Overwhelmed with Wedding Planning? This Course Will Save Your Sanity.

About the author:

Mindy is a former Disney Bride and lifelong Disney fan. She started the website This Fairy Tale Life to help other Disney fans plan their Disney weddings and trips, and make their special day as magical as possible.

When not visiting Disneyland, Mindy loves to travel to new places with her husband, cuddle with her cats, and is on the never-ending quest for the perfect glass of Rosé wine.

(Mindy does not work for or represent The Walt Disney Company.)

More questions (and answers) covered in this book ….

How Much Does it Cost to Get Married in Front of the Castle?
Can Disney Make my Offbeat Wedding Vision Come True?
Are We Still Able to Plan a Great Wedding if We Live Far Away?
Will Guests Have Fun at a Morning Wedding?

Is it Okay to Have an Adults-Only Wedding?

 What Should We Do for Wedding Favors?

Is it Rude to Ask Guests for Money Instead of Gifts?

Can We Delay Our Honeymoon?

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