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What a Disney Wedding Looked Like (and Cost) in 1995

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Gather round friends, because this is pretty cool.  I recently virtual-met Disney blogger Kuleen of The Disney Kids, and when she told me she married her husband at Walt Disney World in the 1990’s, I got WAAAY excited.  The level of excitement that’s usually reserved for things like surprise cupcakes or giving birth.  Luckily Kuleen shares my excitement for all things Disney and was willing to share a couple photos and answer a few questions, such as “What did a Disney wedding cost in the 90s?!?” (The first thought that popped into my head).  Thanks so much, Kuleen!  Be sure to visit her blog The Disney Kids and show her some love.

Vintage Fairy Tale: What a Disney Wedding Looked Like (and Cost) in 1995
{Kuleen and her husband after their WDW wedding ceremony in 1995 – Photo by Imageworks Photography}

Why did you decide to get married at Disney? “I have always loved Disney, so right off the bat that meant a Disney wedding was on my mind. When we got engaged, my husband was set to start a job in another town in less than 2 months. We had already dated for 4 years and had done the long distance thing, and I didn’t want to go through that again while waiting for him to earn vacation time. His one wedding request was he didn’t want to stand up in front of a lot of people at a church. I suggested we get married at Walt Disney World, and he jumped at the chance to get married without an audience.”

Did your wedding have a theme? “No. We opted for what was then called the “Intimate Wedding” package. We could invite up to 13 people total, but we didn’t have any guests. We were engaged on April 13th and got married on May 18th, so there was barely enough time for the basics.”

Wow! So was the wedding easy to plan through Disney?  “I planned the entire wedding in about 5 minutes. At that time with the “intimate ceremony” it was a package wedding/honeymoon deal. That included flowers, cake & drink, and music. I think we also got a dinner because we went to what is now Citricos in the Grand Floridian. The officiator, video, & photos were additional.  Our Disney wedding consultant had me look at the brochure and the conversation was basically:

Her: Bouquet 1, 2 or 3? 
Me: 3 
Her: What are your favorite colors? 
Me: Bright pinks and purples 
Her: Carnation or Rose boutonniere? 
Me: Carnation 
Her: Chocolate or Vanilla? 
Me: Chocolate 
Her: Alcoholic or non-alcoholic? 
Me: Alcoholic 
Her: Flutist, Guitarist, or Violinist? 
Me: Violinist 
Her: Any songs on your must hear list? 
Me: Sleeping Beauty Waltz 
Her: Okay, we are done.”

{Welcome letter and DFTW brochure – click to see a bigger image}

Okay … you knew this question was coming.  How much did it cost? “I’m a scrapbooker, so I actually kept all the info! The total cost was $3209.00 (remember this was 1995). That included: 

  • 6 nights at the Polynesian 
  • Park Hoppers plus water parks and use of pedal boats, bikes, & canoes 
  • Bridal Bouquet 
  • Grooms Boutonniere 
  • Wedding Gift (Engraved toasting glasses, engraved frame, & cake topper) 
  • One Character Breakfast 
  • One Fine Dining Dinner (we ate at what is now Citricos) 
  • Wedding Cake (which was HUGE) 
  • Champagne 
  • Gift Basket with food goodies 
  • Solo Musician (choice of violinist, guitarist or flute)
  • Officiant 
We considered it a bargain even then! The officiant was included, but we also gave a donation to his ministry.  Photographer & videographer fees were separate. We got to choose those on our own, but Disney gave us some recommendations of people they had worked with before.”
(Ed. note – Are you current wedding couples freaking out yet? Can you imagine getting a wedding, dinner, and a honeymoon for $3k?)

What would you go back and change if I could? “My bouquet was GORGEOUS! We had a reception planned for a day or two after we were getting home. I thought the bouquet may stay good until then, so I kept it in a box in our hotel room (or maybe they kept it in their fridge?) to preserve it. It didn’t survive the plane trip home.  In hindsight I wish I had displayed the bouquet in our room to enjoy during our trip, instead of trying to preserve it.”

What was your favorite memory from your Disney wedding? “After the ceremony our photographer took us to various locations at the Poly to take pictures. We walked past a family with a little boy that was about 2-3 years old. He was in his swimsuit and was walking with a floaty around his waist. I heard him ask his mom why we were dressed up, and she told him we just got married. He then yelled at us ‘CONGRATULATIONS!'”

What advice would you give couples currently considering a Disney Wedding? “As someone said to me when I got married. If you get married at Disney there will always be something about you that your kids think is cool.”

Kuleen also wrote up a quick pricing comparison on her blog The Disney Kids … my, how times (and expenses) have changed!

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