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Our Wedding Ceremony {Root Photography}
After we took our family pictures, we made our way to the bridal holding area, the Safari Room in the Adventure Tower.  We waited there for about 15 minutes but to be honest, it felt like an eternity to me!  Our coordinator Traci came in to tell us that everything was set up and looks great, and guests were being seated.  My moms helped me with some last minute dress adjusting and my friend Hope stopped by to pick up and guard my bag of emergency supplies – lip gloss, Mickey bridal ears, my phone etc. – until the reception (thanks, Hope!).
Meanwhile, our photographers, Root Photography, were snapping some decor pics:
Disneyland Wedding

Mason jars spray painted gold, wrapped with wired twine and ribbon, and my fabric flowers.

Disneyland Wedding - Welcome Table

Our welcome table featured our first Disneyland silhouette together (2005!!!!) and family wedding photos of our parents and grandparents.

Disneyland Wedding - Moss Card Box

The card box was made from a plain cardboard box wrapped in moss and decorated with fabric flowers.  The “cards” letters from printed from Wedding Chicks. Our photo guest book featured our engagement pictures and was designed by my mom and printed through Picaboo.

Disneyland Wedding - Rose Court Garden

Our beautiful ceremony set-up.

Disneyland Wedding - Rose Court Garden
Gazebo decor.  I requested a medium center floral cluster and two small floral clusters, with tulle and “bubble” draping.  Something got lost in translation and the center cluster was not the way I envisioned it.  I wanted the cluster to be ombre, from pink in the center to orange on the sides, but instead of radiating from the middle, I wanted it to be pink in the center like a strip going from top to bottom, then gradually turning to orange on the left and right edges.  I thought I had provided pictures to this effect.  But instead I got a pink bulls-eye   Good thing I didn’t really notice it until after the ceremony when we were talking pictures in the gazebo area.  Disappointing, but what can you do at that point?  It still looks pretty, just not what I wanted.
The tulle and “bubbles” were a bit of a splurge but I’m so happy we went for it.  I absolutely loved how it looked.

Disneyland Wedding - Rose Court Garden

Guest chairs with programs and ribbon wands.

Disneyland Wedding - Ombre Aisle Petals

Ombre aisle rose petals.  We decided not to have an aisle runner to save costs, so we decorated the edges of the aisle with rose petals.  I thought it looked really great!

When it was time to start the ceremony, our day-of coordinator Julie led us from our holding area and lined us up to the side of the gazebo, so no guests could see us.  Then she cued our harpist and we were on our way!

Disneyland Wedding - Rose Court Garden

Disneyland Wedding - Rose Court Garden

Our flower girl tried to take a few steps …

Disneyland Wedding - Rose Court Garden

… then quickly plopped.  A couple weeks later, she started walking.

Disneyland Wedding - Rose Court Garden

(Look at that happy face … inside I’m thinking “Don’t trip, don’t puke. Don’t trip, don’t puke.”)

Disneyland Wedding - Rose Court Garden

That’s my “Don’t forget to breathe” face.

Disneyland Wedding - Rose Court Garden

Disneyland Wedding - Rose Court Garden

Ring exchange.

Disneyland Wedding - Rose Court Garden

I made a hilarious face because the ring was a little tight.

Disneyland Wedding - Rose Court Garden

The big kiss.  I stepped forward but Mr. BFT’s feet were glued to the floor!  (Brides-to-be: Practice your first kiss!)

Disneyland Wedding - Rose Court Garden

“Yay, it’s over!”

Next week  – Cocktail Hour and more portraits! I sure am dragging this out, aren’t I?

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