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Our Wedding Day: First Look
Running about an hour late, Jensey and I rushed down to the lobby of the Frontier Tower and Jensey had me wait around the corner near the elevators while she coordinated with Nate and Mr. BFT.
At this point I should probably say that Mr. BFT and I opted to do a “reverse first look,” where he came up behind me!  I love the idea of the first look moment when couples decide to see each other before the ceremony, but it always bothered me that the bride always came up behind the groom, like the bride is somehow more important than the groom and should be kept seeeeeeecret (said in a low whisper).  I asked Mr. BFT what he thought of the reverse first look and he said he didn’t really care – besides, he’s already seen my dress! Not with all the alterations but he’s already seen it so it’s not like it would be a huge surprise anyway.  And aside from all this, I seem to always have to do something DIFFERENT from everyone else – haha.  I don’t know why, but I’ve always been that way.
So once Jensey was able to determine that Mr. BFT was hiding somewhere, she led me out to the lawn to wait for him.
(All photos by Root Photography)
Bride with ribbons on bouquet

Our Wedding Day: First Look

(These might be my favorite pictures from the day.  Don’t the purple petals make it look so magical?  Like a fairy land!)

Reverse First Look

Wedding Day - Reverse First Look
When I got the pictures back I was super disappointed to see our videographer friend was in all of our first look shots (nobody’s fault) … but luckily I have some friends with MAD PHOTOSHOP SKILLS and look!
Wedding Day - Reverse First Look

No more videographer!  And how cute is my husband’s face? He seems like an excited little kid.

Wedding Day - First Look

Wedding Day - First Look

Look at my husband checking out my rear.  😛

Then I realized that I got lipstick on his jacket and proceeded to freak out about it for the rest of the day.  We had been in each other’s presence for like 30 SECONDS and I already had a wardrobe malfunction.  Oh the horror.

Wedding Day - First Look

(I’m laughing here but I’m crying inside.)

So after our big first look we took a few portraits around the hotel grounds.

Disneyland Hotel Wedding - Bride and Groom

Disneyland Hotel Wedding - Bride and Groom

Disneyland Hotel Wedding - Bride and Groom

Disneyland Hotel Wedding - Bride and Groom

We got back to the Frontier tower for our desingated meet-up time for family pictures.  Pretty much everyone was right on time and I got to visit with my Grandmother for a while.  She looked great!

Bride with Grandmother - Disneyland Hotel Wedding

(Yep, I’m a total hand-talker.)

Then we all went back out to the lawn and took some family photos.

Disneyland Hotel Wedding

Mr. BFT’s family

Disneyland Hotel Wedding

My family.

Disneyland Hotel Wedding - tired flower girl

Our flower girl expresses her boredom with the paparazzi.

Disneyland Hotel Wedding

We posed for one last picture before being whisked away to our hiding spot in the Adventure Tower!


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