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Trip Report – Day 3, Part 1 – Wedding Day: Getting Ready

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Even though I got no sleep that night, I still waited for my alarm to go off at 6am before getting out of bed.  I looked outside and looked down at the Rose Court Garden.  In just a few short hours I would be walking down the aisle for our wedding!  It was very surreal.  I took a quick shower since I wasn’t washing my hair, and then started organizing bins for when our wedding coordinator Laura from Rebel Belle Weddings was to arrive at 8am to start setting up at the Rose Court Garden.  Ironically, this made me tired and I had just laid down on the sofa to rest my eyes when I got a text from Tara at Fairytale Hair and Makeup that they had arrived a bit early and asked if they could come up.

Tara and her assistant Adri got set up and went right to work on my hair, even though I wasn’t supposed to start for another hour.  But I loved having them there and they made me feel better about not getting any sleep, saying it happens to a lot of brides.

By the time The Roots showed up (right on time), my hair was pretty much done and we were on to makeup.

(All photos by Root Photography)



Fake eyelash installation that I eventually vetoed because, even though everyone said they looked good, I felt slightly drag queen-ish, and no one wants to feel like a drag queen on their wedding day, except, perhaps, actual drag queens.

Mom showed up right at 7am to start on her hair and makeup.  Shortly after that, room service arrived!  I requested some hashbrowns and fruit for everyone to munch on while we were getting ready.  I thought I wouldn’t be hungry due to nerves, but shockingly I found myself feeling very calm that morning and I ate a ton of hashbrowns!  At some point during all this Mr. BFT left for a quick run, then came back and showered and left to go get ready in his parent’s room.



My mother-in-law and sister-in-law showed up around 8am, as did Laura and our videographer friendor, and suddenly it was a full house!  It was so great to visit with everyone.  I was also able to give everyone their gifts.  I got all three ladies a Disney Dooney and Burke wristlet and a necklace from Cookie Lee (I’m a consultant) that read “Believe.” I got the same gifts for my two friends who helped plan my bridal shower and my two wedding coordinators.  I wanted everyone to have a reminder that they helped make my wedding dreams come true.  I also gave Tara and Adri some flower hair clips that matched all the floral I made for the wedding.  I told them not to feel pressured to wear them now, that it was just a little something to remember me by, but they both put them on right away!


During hair and makeup, The Roots ran around and took some scenery and detail shots.








Tara’s arsenal



The Roots caught Rebel Belle setting up for our wedding!

At some point, Nate ran over to Tim’s parents’ room to get some pictures and also did the important job of delivering my gifts.


The Red Sox socks – but I guess I didn’t make it clear enough that they were intended to be worn for the wedding, because he didn’t wear them.


I got him a custom photo frame with the lyrics from his processional song.


I … think he liked it?

It felt like it took a really long time but finally my hair and makeup was done.  At this point I was able to look at a clock and realized we were running really late and I started to feel nervous and stressed.  The Roots kept reassuring me that every bride runs late and luckily I had scheduled plenty of buffer time.

Now it was time to change into my gown and shizz started getting really real.  I got it on by myself and my mom laced me up.





Once the gown was on, it was time for shoes, jewelry, and veil, and some last minute touch-ups from Tara.








Sometime during this mad rush to the finish, our florist Kelly showed up with a floral arrangement.  I was so confused because I didn’t purchase any personal floral so at first I thought there was some misunderstanding, and Kelly just kept telling me how nice I looked, which was very kind of her – haha – but I was in a rush and don’t forget I had total zombie mush brain.  Finally she explained they were from Mr. BFT.  Awww.

By now we were running between 30-60 minutes late, and just as I was rushing out the door, my grandmother showed up to have her hair curled.  I felt bad I had to rush by her; hopefully she understood.  Our photographer Nate ran off to get Tim, while I took the elevator down to the lobby with photographer Jensey.  It was almost time for our first look and I couldn’t wait to see Mr. BFT and start our wedding celebration!

Next up – Wedding Day Part 2, Our First Look and Wedding Portraits!

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