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Pinup Parade at Disneyland – June 2014

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I totally adore the classic, pinup girl look. While I don’t live and dress the retro lifestyle, I have great respect and admiration for those who do. It takes a lot of effort and time to commit to that style, which I learned a couple years back when I got dolled up for pinup style photos. That’s why I love events like Dapper Day and Pinup Parade, because it lets me play dress up and live that lifestyle for a day.

Pinup Parade at Disneyland Park - June 2014

Every year, Pinup Girl Clothing hosts “Pinup Parade in the Park” at Disneyland, where hundreds gather in their finest retro and glam clothing, to enjoy a classic day at Disneyland and to see and be seen. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it this year, but a couple friends were nice enough to pass along their photos of the event so I could share them here!

First up my friend Hope (who DisneyBounded as Marie, see the adorable picture below) took these pictures of lovely ladies during the Pinup Parade at Disneyland:

A cute pinup Winnie the Pooh DisneyBounder!

Beyond epic Maleficent horns hair style (!!!)

Even all the sunglasses are adorable.

My new friend Mary Czerwinski (Televixen on Twitter and Televixen1701 on Instagram) DisneyBounded as Army Jessica Rabbit and shared her photos, saying:

I’ve been in love with clothing from the 40s-60s and Pinup Girl Clothing makes styles that are flattering to all body types. Events like this are such an awesome showcase for creativity and beauty from all walks of life.

I consider myself a major “Disnerd” and I love that this event allowed me to combine cosplaying and figure-flattering fashion in one big ball of magical Disney fun. I do Dapper Day each season, but Pinup Parade is my new favorite event in the park. It’s so refreshing to see women supporting each other & saying “you look beautiful.” There needs to be more of that in the world.

You can learn more about Mary on her blog and web video series, Glue Guns and Phasers.

And I just wanted to share a few of my favorite images from the public Facebook event page for Pinup Parade in the Park.

A Peter Pan DisneyBound with the Neverland skirt!

Love the tiara and gloves.

Hitchhiking Ghosts!

A pretty Cinderella complete with glass slippers.

Snow White and a cute Mickey and Minnie dress!

An adorable Jiminy Cricket.

I’m super jealous of these hair skills.

Great Evil Queen photo bomb.

If you want in on the Pinup Parade in the Park fun, you’re in luck! Pinup Girl Clothing is now hosting this unofficial event two times a year. Mark your calendars for November 2, 2014.

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