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Outside Photographers Now Allowed at WDW In-Park Weddings?

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Outside Photographers Now Allowed at WDW In-Park Weddings?

Earlier this week, very unceremoniously, DFTW made a major announcement on their Facebook page.

Outside Photographers Now Allowed at WDW In-Park Weddings?

“We continue to review our operational policies to make sure we are able to offer the most magical and memorable day possible for our couples. We would like to share that effective immediately we will now allow outside photographers to take photos at your wedding events in one of our Theme Parks. We realize photography is a deeply personal choice – after all, your photos are your lasting memories. As you plan your wedding, our team of specialists will help show you the benefits of selecting Disney Fine Art Photography for your event as they are an integrated part of our wedding team. If you have any questions about our new policy, please be sure to talk with your Disney Wedding Planner.”

For about the last five years, no outside photographers were allowed to photograph wedding events that took place inside of a Disney Park.  If a couple wanted photos, they had to hire Disney Fine Art Photography, and you didn’t have much say over your specific photographer (and word on the internet is, some photographers are good and some are not so good).

This new rule made a lot of future brides very happy … and a lot of recent brides pretty ticked.  Some shared their comments on the Facebook page:

“I’m so glad this this happens for future Disney brides but I have to say that I’m really disappointed because this particular rule was a huge reason why we planned our wedding the way we did.” 

“I love our photos from Amy and Trent, but pretty crappy that this change is 5 months after our vow renewal.” 

“I would have had a very different wedding back in November if this rule were in effect then!” 

“This is so unfair to previous brides who were forced to use disney photographers during the however many short years you made that decision especially when they had a bad experience with the end results and wanted to use outside photographers to begin with.”

“Wow….10 months late!!!! Absolutely amazing after how much we shelled out. Those of us that got married should be allowed to redo photos with our photographers.”

There were also a lot of commenters who praised Disney’s photography for their event.  Definitely a lot of happy and angry people on both sides.
My main thought is, why the change?  I can’t figure out how this change increases Disney’s revenue if they give up the mandatory photography.  Are they hoping to book more in-park events with this change?
If you’re looking for info on this, Carly of Magical Day Weddings has compiled additional information gathered from the Facebook page and word-of mouth from photographers.
I’d love to hear your take on this.  Are you a past bride who would have planned an in-park wedding if you could bring in an outside photographer?  Are you a future bride who is now scrambling to change your venue?

(Image source: Disney Weddings Blog)

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