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“My Fair Wedding” Recap – Mad Men Bride

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Hello there!  And a happy Wednesday to all of you.  I am in a FANTASTIC mood today.  Why, you ask?  Oh, because I am TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS MFW EPISODE, AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

If you follow me on Twitter or know me IRL at all, you know I love me some Mad Men and especially some Jon Hamm.  Oh yes.  Yesssssssss.
Gratuitous Jon Hamm picture. Photo credit: Jeff Lipsky for Parade

And despite the lack of delicious Hamm in this episode, I am super-de-duper, 110% in love with this Mad Men 1960’s wedding on the latest episode of My Fair Wedding.  I have a lot to say about it so let’s jump right in, shall we?

Meet Taylor and Jason!  Taylor wants their wedding to be themed around the TV show Mad Men, because they both are huge fans of the show and they love the 1960’s.  Taylor thinks she was born in the wrong era, as evidenced by their fancy drinking habits:

Based on their intro, we learn they love Mad Men, whiskey, cigars, and baseball.

Jason proposed at an Anaheim Angels game.  You know what else is in Anaheim?  That’s right, DISNEYLAND!  Which means these recaps finally have some relevance to the main purpose of my blog, which is to provide information about Disneyland weddings.  Circle of life, people.

It totally makes since that Taylor would love the show Mad Men, because does she not look exactly like Alison Brie, who plays Trudy on Mad Men? (And Annie on Community [Community shout-out, holla.])

I mean, they could be twins, or at least sisters, for reals.

As the couple is doing their intro, I notice that there doesn’t seem to be anything … wrong … with their wedding plans.  There’s no missing venue, no deceased relatives, no debilitating disease.  Hmmm.

Regardless, David shows up and Taylor is VERY happy.

(I’m not sure if this counts as tears, so just take half a shot.)

David meets Jason, tells them they look adorable and sends him on his way.

So now we see all of Taylor’s wedding plans.  And it all looks …. good.

It is here when David realizes it’s a Mad Men, 1960’s theme wedding and there is excitement and high fives all around.

Looking at all her stuff, I kept thinking – she has it all together.  Everything looks great!

David seems okay with her general idea, but he is not a fan of the kitschy cake toppers and neither am I.

David is also not a fan of her DIY “something blue” rhinestone shoes!  He called them “ridiculous.”  Which means for sure he would hate my DIY glitter shoes.  (What’s worse than “ridiculous?”)


For the record, I think her shoes are AMAZING and super cute.

Next we move on to bridesmaids dresses.  I’ll let David do the “talking” on this one.

Next Taylor changes into her gown, which is pretty, but, simple.  She thinks it has a vintage feel.

But according to David, it’s sooooo not 1960’s.

It wouldn’t be a dress discussion without David getting a little touchy-feely.

Despite how much she loves her dress, she says she wouldn’t be upset if he changed it to fit David’s “vision.” What an accommodating bride!

Next a visit to the venue, which David says would be great if Mad Men filmed on location in Latin America.

I see a venue change in our future.

Next David and Taylor meet up for their first adventure.  In case Taylor can’t read, David spells it out for her.


Dress #1

This is an overall favorite.  As you can see, everyone likes the sleeves.

And everyone likes the little touch of bling on the waist.

Dress #2

Very similar, but the bridesmaid doesn’t like the neckline as much as Dress #1.  But the bride loves the yellow.

Dress #3

Vetoed by everyone pretty much immediately.

After the ‘maids dresses, David takes Taylor to Dolly Couture, which is the cutest little dress shop you ever did see and I want to go to there immediately if not sooner.

The bride learns she is getting a new dress which she is totally okay with.

I think David likes the first one.

Dress #1

This might be. The most amazing dress. I have ever seen. On this show.

“I look like I stepped back in time!”

There is nothing I personally don’t love about this look, from the birdcage fascinator to the Mary Jane pumps.   The bride loves it too, but asked about turning the sleeves into cap sleeves, which David asks Dolly about, and Dolly confirms they could make the change.  (Foreshadowing.)

Dress #2

Equally cute, and I love the sweet bow detail.  And look!

Something blue!  I have a soft spot in my heart for colored crinny.

Dress #3

This is personally my least favorite of the three, even with the blush bow on the bodice.  The bride likes it but is not feeling the veil, even though I personally think it looks ADORABLE.

So David asks Taylor which one is her favorite.

“Ummmm ….”

She likes #1 the best, with #3 a close runner up.

But seriously, how cute is this lady?  I kinda have a girl crush on this bride.

After Dolly Couture, David instructs his bride to meet him outside this building …

Where her future hubs and bridal party are all waiting.

Shot #1.

David tells everyone that this is where some scenes from Mad Men are filmed, and they are going to do a 1960’s era photo shoot, and the bride kind of loses her mind.

Does this lobby look familiar?

Unique Vintage provided the clothing, and everyone also gets fab shoes and styling.

HOW FUN!!!  Much more fun than stupid ziplining or go-kart racing (Sorry, Danica!).

At some point during the shoot, David tells the couple that he likes this location so much that he is moving the entire wedding here.  Their wedding will be held where Mad Men films!  THAT’S COOL.

The bride seems pretty happy with this change.

The day of the wedding has arrived and check out our Tuts:

OMG!  He looks so different.  Is this better than the mini-fauxhawk he is always rocking?

He comes in and reveals the dress, and Taylor is super happy which can only mean she got Dress #1 without the sleeves.

While the ladies get ready we check out the ceremony and reception decor.

I love topiary (wait until your see our own DIY centerpieces) so of course I love these!  Yellow is not my favorite color but I think it works for this bride and the 1960’s era.

This little lounge area looks like it was pulled right from the office of Sterling Cooper.

The cutest programs you ever did see.

Time to get things going!

(Do I spy a Hidden Mickey in those roses???????)

First the bridesmaids.

It looks like he chose Dress #1, but in yellow!  It looks great!

And how cute are all the ladies with their makeup and hair?

And here comes our bride ….

And he kept the blue crinoline, yay!

Time to get the wedding started!



A little part of me dies whenever I see Chiavari chairs covered up, but it does look good, in just this instance.

I didn’t do this on purpose, but I love that I captured this quick look of trepidation, ha!

Are those tears I see?

Drink up, yo.

All hail the bride and groom who let their wedding party sit down!

Taylor cried all the way through her vows.  Take multiple shots.

I love the blue.  LOVE.

David shows off the reception area to the couple.

I think this is the Sweetheart Table, and if so that is awesome.

Zombie David?

“Hey, what the heck is this crazy tiny picture screen thing???” – Guy from the actual 1960’s 

We are winding down, and our couple has a gift for David.  It’s BOOZE!

This guy likes it.

Per usual, we end on the cake cutting.  I noticed there seems to be random people outside just walking by those windows, which seems kind of strange.  But whatever, LOVED THIS WEDDING!!!

Please tell me what you thought of this wedding in the comments!  Did you love it as much as me?  Is the 1960’s style not your thing?  Please weigh in.  And as always, enjoy your Faces of David:

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