Mindy Versus the Wedding Dress Industry – Part Two

DRESS SHOPPING, ROUND TWO. Mindy vs the wedding dress industry.

When we last saw our heroine, she had just survived her first dress shopping experience.  This next chapter takes us to David’s Bridal.

My experience with David’s Bridal was mediocre.  Even though we had an appointment, we waited around 30 minutes for our consultant.  This was after being asked if we didn’t mind sharing our consultant with another patron.  If we wanted personal attention, we would have to wait longer.

My consultant was nice, but the biggest difference between David’s Bridal and the salon we visited during part one was that the consultant at the salon was trying to make a sale, while the consultant at David’s Bridal was just trying to get through the day.

Also, the lighting at David’s Bridal is HARSH.  Kind of like trying on clothes at Walmart (not that I would know this from personal experience).

On a side note, it started hailing when we arrived at David’s Bridal, which is super rare for Los Angeles, and I joked that hell must be freezing over since I’m trying on wedding dresses, although it wasn’t really a joke.

Blah blah blah, show us the dresses, Mindy!

Dress #9
(I’m sorry I don’t have the item numbers for these.)

I told my consultant I wanted a tea length gown and this was one of the few she brought over.  I liked the little flowers but ultimately thought it was a little plain.

Dress #10

Another tea length (difficult to tell from the photo).  I liked the top but overall it wasn’t super flattering.

Dress #11

LOVE LOVE LOVE.  This was a White by Vera Wang gown in blush, and I loooooooooved it!  The first bridal gown that I tried on that I really loved and didn’t want to take off.

Dress #12

This was overall flattering and a crowd favorite but all the detailing made it REALLY heavy.

(BTW, you can see my consultant helping another bride in the background.  That bride tried on three dresses and found her dress, which is REALLY annoying, but good for her.)

Dress #13

I am not a fan of these “cupcake” dresses with all the pickups, but this was one of the few dresses that you could customize with color, so I tried it on.  I think my face says it all.

Dress #14

Another tea length and it had pockets!!!  But the pockets were pretty much the only thing I liked about it.

Dress #15

Another White by Vera Wang dress.  My friend said it looked like some kind of creature was crawling up the side of the dress.

Dress #16

Another White by Vera Wang gown.  I actually really liked this one but my friends all vetoed it.

Dress #17

Otherwise known as the Poofy Princess Ballerina dress!  Yet another Vera gown.  That smile on my face?  Yeah, I couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of this dress.

Dress #18

My friends pulled this dress with the hopes that the black detailing could be changed to pink, which was not the case.  But it was an overall favorite for the day.  Considering I am not a train person, I loved this train.

What do you think of this round, friends?  Any favorites?

16 thoughts on “Mindy Versus the Wedding Dress Industry – Part Two”

    • Isn’t it? I have actually seen that same gown in action in white, on a Disneyland bride! It is stunning and was my favorite from the day, but for some reason I couldn’t pull the trigger on it …. then I found my dress and realized why. 🙂

  1. That Vera Wang dress was actually the first one I tried on (but in Ivory) and I didn’t want to take it off either! In fact, it’s the dress I kept comparign all the other dresses to until I found “the one”. It was really heavy, though!

  2. I liked the last one on you but agree it would’ve been cool if you could’ve gotten the flowers customized to pink. The Pink Vera was cool too, but I’m way more excited about the real gown you bought. Since you’ve “Mindy-fied” it – I KNOW it’s going to blow all of these gowns out of the water!

  3. I do like the pink ver wang….and is that a hint mindy in your comment replies that you DID find a dress?!?! ::squeal:: can’t wait to see

    P.s. yes there is some wedding creature crawling up that one dress….

    P.s.s. I’m glad ur friends vetoed that other dress! Its not a right fit.

  4. I had the same experience at DB. Had to share my consultant. The lighting was harsh. It was so HOT in there I broke out in hives. The Vera gowns weren’t out when I went there but I was not impressed with the quality of the fabric on any of the gowns I tried on. They photographed fine but definitely felt different than other dresses I tried on after that.


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