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Today guest poster Michelle is sharing some ideas from her Mickey Mouse themed wedding.  She has so much good stuff to share we had to split her wedding details over three posts!  

Photos are by Disney Fine Art Photography & Video.

We had a LOT of Mickey in my wedding because he’s my favorite Disney character…a bunch of the ideas were home made, or semi home made and Rose Mogol at the Disney Florist helped with a lot of others…

Save the Dates…sent 11 months before the wedding because it was a destination and I thought some people might need to save for it…by Impressions.


Invitations by Impressions … all about Mickey … we even had Mickey silhouette stickers with our names on the back to seal them.

My programs were AMAZING… Impressions made a Mickey program fan, my sister used her Criket to make Mickey and Minnie that we sent to Impressions so that they could apply them to the program fans.  And there were a couple of Mickeys in the writing on the back.

Mickeys were on the envelopes of the escort cards, done by Impressions.

My favors were provided by Impressions and were chocolate Mickey and Minnie silhouettes with a charity favor tag.

What do you think of this Mickey-tastic wedding so far?  Come back tomorrow for Part Two of her post!

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