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Hello friends!  I’m back from my week away, and, oh yeah … I GOT MARRIED!  The day was fantastic and I can’t wait to share all the little details with you.

For now, I have a special little surprise … about six weeks before our wedding I took bridal portraits!  I love how they came out and have been absolutely dying to share them with you!

This is pretty much exactly how I looked on wedding day, sans tiara which hadn’t been found yet and earring extensions I DIY-ed later (although the CZ studs are the same).  The fabulous Fairytale Hair and Makeup gave me a second trial and I loved these results so much (SOOOO much) that this is the exact look I wanted for wedding day.

Photos by the amazing White Rabbit Photo Boutique.  I hope you enjoy them!







Okay, okay … I can’t help but sneak in a guest picture from our wedding day!  Thanks to my friend Courtney for snapping this beautiful picture!

More to come, soon!  And thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes via Facebook and Twitter, and text, and even in person!  Your friendship, whether virtual or in real life, means the world to me.  The fairy tale is just beginning!


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