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DIY Princess and the Frog Wedding Decor

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Earlier this week, Disney Bride Haily showed off their awesome Princess and the Frog themed wedding invitations.  She is back today to share how she made some additional Princess and the Frog themed wedding elements – centerpieces, bouquets, and a unique guest book!  Such great projects and they seem easy to make, too.  Thanks, Haily!

Lily Pad Centerpieces

DIY Princess and the Frog Wedding Decor

Glass bowls (These were from www.save-on-crafts.com)
Magnolia blossoms and lily pads
River Rocks (These were from Target)
Lids from any jars
Medium-length screws
Hot glue or floral tape

Trim the stems of the magnolia blossom leaving about 1.5 to 2 inches.  Cut a small cross shape into the center of the lily pad and insert stem of magnolia blossom so it looks like it’s sitting on the pad. Use hot glue on the underside of the lily pad to hold stem in place and seal the cuts. We tried just floating them in water, but they were too heavy and would sink to one side. We created bases from jar lids and screws. We spray painted the lids black to blend with the rocks and hot glued a mid size screw facing up.

DIY Princess and the Frog Wedding Decor

To put the center pieces together, set the lid base with screw facing up out of bowl. Fill bowl with rocks to cover the lid and weigh the lid down. Screw the stem of the blossom onto the screw (make sure your flower stem will have a thick enough stem; otherwise you can use floral tape to wrap around the stem and the screw). Use a pitcher to fill the bowl with water to whatever level you would like.

Total cost of four centerpieces – $256. (Shipping on the bowls was around $50, so if you can find bowls at a store your cost would go down significantly.)

Bridesmaids Bouquets

DIY Princess and the Frog Wedding Decor

Floral tape
Wire clippers

Biggest tip, wait for the flowers to go on sale! We bought all our flowers at 40% off at Michaels. I purchased purple and white flowers with greenery, with the idea that I would make three small bouquets but ended up making two medium size ones. You will need wire clippers to cut the stems to your desired length. The rest of the process took four hands to complete. Arrange the flowers however you like. Have one person tightly hold the stems while the other begins to wrap the stems in floral tape. Once the stems are tightly wrapped, use a bead of hot glue to glue your ribbon to the end of the stems. One person can hold the bouquet while the other tries to evenly wrap the ribbon up the stems. One you get to the top, cut the ribbon with an extra inch at the end. To prevent the ribbon from fraying, use a small bead of glue to make a small overlap on the ribbon, then glue the edge down.

Total cost of two medium bouquets – $45.

Guestbook sign

DIY Princess and the Frog Wedding Decor

Thin piece of red oak (from a home improvement store)
Wood letters
Wood glue

Paint the letters with what ever color acrylic paints you would like. We chose our wedding colors of grey and purple. It might take a few layers of paint to achieve the color and opacity you want. Paint the board in a light color if you want to use a black Sharpie for your guests to write with, or you could use a dark color if you want to use a silver Sharpie.  Just be sure your letters are painted a complimentary color so they stand out. Once dry, use wood glue to glue the letters in place. For the thin letters, it’s best to use a paint brush to paint a light coat of glue as so it doesn’t ooze out from under the letters.

The size of the board will depend on how many guests you will have. We had an Escape wedding with only 16 guests, so our board is only 24 inches by 7 inches. A large circle or heart shaped board would also be cute!  We plan on hanging the guestbook sign in our home.

Total cost = $30.

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely Princess and the Frog themed wedding items with us, Haily!

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