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Choosing Your First Dance Song – Tougher Than it Seems!

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Choosing Your First Dance Song - Tougher Than it Seems!

Disney Bride Stephanie M is planning a Walt Disney World wedding at the Wedding Pavilion and California Grill for July 2018.

How does a couple decide on a first dance song for their wedding reception? Everyone has their own unique tastes in music.  Sure, it seems like everyone is into the same jam, but suddenly someone you thought you could trust is asking to hear Nickelback and you can never look at them the same way (it’s like the first time a friend asks for pineapple on a pizza and suddenly you have one less friend).* Trying to combine music tastes to find the perfect first dance song can be a lot of pressure; the song picked will hold a lot of meaning for the rest of your life!

[*Authors’ Note: Steph actually likes Nickelback and Patrick likes pineapple on pizza. Feel free to judge them.]

Some couples get lucky and life throws a song at them for free: the song that keeps popping up on the radio during the initial dating, something from the first concert attended together, the song that just happened to be playing the first time you kissed. The songs that define those moments can be pulled forward with a couple and given a unique meaning just for them. Those lucky duckies have it easy.

For the rest, it is about finding the deeper meaning of music and maybe even throwing in a little compromise. It can be fun to use your shared interests and experiences to help narrow down your decision. Maybe there are movies that you’ve seen together. Think about bands you both like or albums that you throw on together. It’s going to take a lot of trial and error to find a song that works for both of you. Don’t take it too personally if your partner doesn’t love a song you picked … you’ll probably be rejecting one of their choices soon enough.

Another factor in deciding on your perfect song is making sure it’s something you can dance to on your wedding day. Constantly changing or erratic beats can be hard to follow, and a song that is too fast or slow can just be awkward. When you find songs you like, practice a dance or two with them. Hey, it’s an excuse to hold your loved one close; take it.

For the two of us, it took a while before we found our song: “Happily Ever After” by Jordan Fisher & Angie Keilhauer. It fit us because of our shared love for Disney, but it also helped remind us of a magical night we had in the Magic Kingdom last summer watching the new fireworks show. “Happily Ever After” is obviously a song about love and easy enough to dance to, which is a plus since one of us isn’t always as sure footed.

For any couple still searching for their song, we wish you the best of luck and a lot of fun on that journey. Don’t get frustrated or too stressed about your decision; remember you already found the person you love, the rest is just a bonus!

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