A Quick Alt Summit Recap – I Might Have a Wine Problem

I am back from Alt Summit and my mind is spinning.  And as the title might suggest, no, the spinning is not from wine.  It’s from the amazingness I was subjected to last week.  I had a fantastic time all around, despite nearly slipping and breaking my neck every time I had to leave the cozy confines of the conference hotel (freezing rain is apparently a thing, you guys.  And it’s not just the rain that freezes, it’s the roads and sidewalks, too. I’m never leaving So Cal again).  And I didn’t pop any giant balloons, IN FACT, I faced my giant balloon fear head on.

A Quick Alt Summit Recap - I Might Have a Wine Problem
Booya. (Thanks to the fine people at Land of Nod for letting me hold your balloons.)

I want to share all of Alt with you guys, but I need to do a lot of processing first.  Sound familiar?  Yes, I still need to write about Camp Mighty, too.  I need to write about Camp Mighty and Alt Summit.  One of panels at Alt included a section about getting yourself organized.  I’m considering it.

For now, I just wanted to bring something to your attention:

I might have a wine problem.

I went searching through the Alt Summit Flickr photo dump yesterday, and I’ve only gone through about half so far but here are the only images I found of me:

A Quick Alt Summit Recap - I Might Have a Wine Problem
Wednesday night sponsor dinner with Mail Chimp

A Quick Alt Summit Recap - I Might Have a Wine Problem
Thursday afternoon happy hour sponsored by HP
A Quick Alt Summit Recap - I Might Have a Wine Problem
Thursday night Clue party

And then Flipboard posted this on their Facebook page today:

A Quick Alt Summit Recap - I Might Have a Wine Problem
Friday night mini party sponsored by Flipboard
I promise I did more at this conference than just drink wine.  But apparently that was a huge part of it.  Also, yay or nay on the Smurf tights above?
All day long I have been reading amazing and profound Alt Summit recap posts from my fellow attendees.  I don’t understand how they do it.  I’m tired.  My mind is moving in a million different directions and it’s tough to concentrate.  I wish I could clone myself.  I wish I had five extra me’s: one for each blog, and one to do all the chores. Then I could spend my life taking naps in between episodes of Honey Boo Boo and House Hunters International.  My favorite episodes are the ones where they are visiting Scandinavian countries, for some reason.  Wait, where was I?  Oh right, Alt Summit.  I’m tired.  I’ve got some profound thoughts in my brain somewhere.  I’ll write them down later.
Photo source:
Images 1-3: Brooke Dennis via the Alt Summit Flickr Page

10 thoughts on “A Quick Alt Summit Recap – I Might Have a Wine Problem”

    • Right?!? Who knew? I’m so shocked I managed not to actually fall, seeing as how I have several past incidents of tripping and falling over imaginary objects. Gravity and I don’t get along.

  1. Welcome back! I’m so happy that you had a much better experience at this conference than at Camp Mighty and that you conquered the big bad balloons! 😉

    I didn’t even notice you were wearing tights. I just thought you were really cold and pale. LOL Seriously the whole outfit is so cute. I love it! Might borrow it one day. 🙂

    Was surviving crazy weather and freezing rain on your life list? If it wasn’t, it should be now! I don’t even want to think about how I’d do with all that craziness. I read Carly’s tale last week about how she slipped and I was hoping you didn’t have to be outside for anything so that you didn’t have to possibly have any accidents. They’re not playing in UT!

    Anyway, it’s really funny how you pointed out “your friend” in all those pictures. Who says you can’t play and work? 🙂


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