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9 Tips for Growing Your Pinterest Following

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9 Tips for Growing Your Pinterest Following


Today we have a guest post from Pinterest guru Angela of Hairspray and High Heels.  Using these techniques, Angela was able to more than double her Pinterest following, from 3,000 to 7,000, in just a few short weeks, and now she is averaging about 1000 new followers a week.  WOW!  I asked her to give us her best tips for growing your Pinterest following, and here’s what she had to say:


1. Have some sort of order to your boards so that they make sense.

2. Arrange your boards so that your most popular are at the top.


9 Tips for Growing Your Pinterest Following


3. Keep all of your group boards at the very end, you want people following YOU not your collaboration boards.

4. Make your board covers bright, clean, big and intriguing. Make someone want to click it.

5. Don’t only ‘Re-Pin.’ Pin original content from a blog you read or an article you like.

6. Pin QUALITY content. Even if you don’t like it, that doesn’t mean it is not Pinterest gold. Find larger bloggers, with a larger following, and pin some of their stuff that is a hit to your own boards (you can tell from their repins what is good).


9 Tips for Growing Your Pinterest Following


7. You want to be pinning with the following formula: 20% Your Own Stuff – 10% Informative – 40% Food – 20% Pretty & Bright (crafts, holidays, fashion, etc.) – 10% Tips and Advice

8. My ‘get more followers’ method is simple:

  • Pick someone you follow, find their latest pin and click on the person they pinned it from (you want this pin to be recent, within a day).
  • Follow them
  • Pin 5-10 of their pins (if it’s another blogger pin their content, don’t just re-pin).
  • Pick someone they follow and repeat for 10-20 people per day, depending on how much time you can dedicate to the task.

9. When you write a post, always write for your readers and edit your photos with Pinterest in mind. Think to yourself ‘Would this image get pinned?’

*** What Pinterest tips would you add to this list?  Share them in the comments!  Oh, and follow us on Pinterest!

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