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Disney Bride Teresa is planning an At-Home wedding with a Haunted Mansion theme for October 2016.

Let’s face it, while being a DIY bride seems really cool and impressive, it can actually drive you pretty bonkers. You can easily blow your budget and your time finding the perfect pieces for your centerpieces and decor you’re picturing in your head. I realized early on you don’t necessarily need to find perfect pieces, you just need to find almost perfect pieces and let spray paint do the rest!

Spray paint is magical – it comes in all different colors, finishes, and some even come with sparkles. You can transform any drab old thing to something totally amazing with the right can of spray paint. Below are some wedding problems the perfect can of spray paint fixed for me.

4 Wedding Problems Solved with Spray Paint

4 Wedding Problems Solved with Spray Paint

The ‘Aimlessly Buying’ Problem

One of the biggest issues I had while putting together my centerpieces was that I bought a lot of stuff last year once Halloween decor went on clearance. I was really focused on saving money and getting stuff for cheap and not too focused on how things would go together or how I would end up using them. This could potentially be pretty wasteful … unless you have spray paint! I had all these cute little black bats I got dirt cheap but then later decided my flowers were going to be really dark and now the bats were going to get lost in them. What’s a bride to do? Spray paint the bats gold, obviously.

4 Wedding Problems Solved with Spray Paint
(love my new gold little bats!)

The ‘Not Wanting to Spend a Ton of Money’ Problem

I really wanted to use silver vases and bronze table numbers on our reception tables. One of the funny side effects to planning a wedding is you realize real quick what outlandish things you will and won’t spend money on. I apparently have no problem spending $350 on my bridal bouquet but spending over $100 on shiny bronze table numbers almost made me throw up. I found these great looking unfinished wooden table numbers on Amazon that were only $17.99 for the set of 20 and I took a little bronze spray paint and, BOOM! For the vases, I stumbled across a case of free clear vases before I even started what would have probably been an expensive and time-consuming journey to find silver vases. I simply bought some metallic silver spray paint and gave them a silver shine.

4 Wedding Problems Solved with Spray Paint

4 Wedding Problems Solved with Spray Paint

The ‘Why Are Mini Purple Skulls Only Sold In Multi Color Packs and Super Expensive’ Problem?

Okay, so this particular problem might be super specific to me but it’s still super agitating. Luckily mini white skulls are sold in bulk and are really cheap.

4 Wedding Problems Solved with Spray Paint

4 Wedding Problems Solved with Spray Paint
(they look like delicious purple candy now)

The ‘Perfect but Wrong Color’ Problem

It was very hard for me to find the perfect black basket for my flower girl. It was, however, very easy for me to find the perfect orange basket for my flower girl. This would probably upset your average person but it wouldn’t upset your average person who has a can of black spray paint. Just look how happy my fiancé and I are knowing we will forever have spray paint on our side.

4 Wedding Problems Solved with Spray Paint

4 Wedding Problems Solved with Spray Paint

All joking aside, spray paint can really be your best wedding problem solver if you are doing a DIY wedding. The next time you see that less-than-perfect item, before you set it aside stop and think if spray paint can turn it into the more-than-perfect item. I can’t wait to show you all my perfect DIY centerpieces once our wedding day gets here!

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