29 Things Every Tsum Tsum Addict Thinks Every Day

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Are you a Tsum Tsum addict like me? Then you’ll probably relate to this post. And if you haven’t downloaded the Tsum Tsum app yet, STAY AWAY, STAY SUPER FAR AWAY. But if you have already come to the Dark Side, then add me, my LINE name is mindyjoy. And don’t forget to add your user name in the comments if you want to connect with more friends.

29 Things Every Tsum Tsum Addict Thinks Every Day

1. Good morning, phone. Did you miss me?
2. I wonder if I have any new LINE app friend requests … better check.
4. I’ll just play one quick game before I get out of bed.
5. Oooh, my friends sent me some hearts! Okay, I guess I can play 9 quick games.
6. Oh man, 11:30am already?!?
7. *calls boss* “I can’t make it into work today, I came down with a virus. Errr, the Tsum Tsum virus. Yes, it’s very contagious so I have to stay home.”
8. I wonder how many days I can get away with that excuse.

29 Things Every Tsum Tsum Addict Thinks Every Day

9. Maybe I can sneak in one quick game while my bread toasts.
10. Shoot, I burnt the toast.
11. SWEET I earned enough coins to buy a Happiness Box! I wonder which new Tsum I’ll get.
12. @#%%! I’ve already gotten Chip like THREE times! I want a new one!
13. Now I guess I have to play another 100 games so I can earn another box. I wonder if I can just skip walking the dog today ….
14. Only 200,000 points? I can do better than that. Just one more game.
15. Arrrrgh! So close to a high score! Just one more game.
16. I’m almost leveled up. Just a couple more games.
17. If I play just, like, 10 more games, I’ll get enough coins for another Happiness Box.
18. Orrrrr … if I can hold out a few days, I can get a Premium Box.
19. LOL, that will never happen.

29 Things Every Tsum Tsum Addict Thinks Every Day

20. My battery is about to die. I should take a break.
21. *Plugs phone into charger, stands there and plays*
22. I’m hungry … I wonder if my girlfriend/boyfriend will bring me food …
23. Crap, I can’t call or text them while I’m playing. What if they call back in a middle of a game?!?!
24. I’ll just eat something tomorrow.
26. How does that person have a MILLION points?!??!!??!
27. *Goes on Internet, researches how to get a million points on Tsum Tsum.*
28. NOOOOOOOOO, I haven’t checked my messages in over an hour! WASTED COINS.
29. Oh man, 11:30pm already?

29 Things Every Tsum Tsum Addict Thinks Every Day

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