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Top 5 Takeaways from Lifestyle Bloggers Conference 2014 // Budget Fairy Tale

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My crazy conference season has come to a close. I never intended to attend three conferences in three months, and to be honest I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. But now that it’s wrapped up, I’m so grateful for the three very different conferences I attended, all the beautiful people I met, the knowledge I received, and the confidence I gained.

While I wrap my head around everything that happened at the Lifestyle Bloggers Conference, I wanted to continue my conference tradition of sharing my top 5 takeaways. These are the 5 things that really stood out, or personally spoke to me, from over the weekend. I’ll have a more detailed recap later this week, but for now I hope you enjoy these words of wisdom.

Top 5 Takeaways from Lifestyle Bloggers Conference

1. “Be nice to everyone you meet.”Daniel Musto. Celebrity Stylist Daniel Musto was our opening keynote and aside from seeing him on Fashion Police a couple times, I didn’t know anything about him. I don’t really follow celebrity fashion except for award shows red carpet. By the end of his keynote I was a huge fan. This guy is seriously awesome and the real deal. He told his story about moving to L.A. and working retail and saving every penny so he could go to clubs and network. His strategy was to just meet as many people as possible. Eventually his name started getting passed around, he got a few gigs then his first celebrity client, and then his career took off. His paraphrased quote – “Be nice to everyone you meet, because you never know who can help you” – really resonated with me. I’ve meet so many new people and developed new relationships and collaborations this year alone, and it’s only March! He has inspired me to keep introducing myself to new people (even if it’s only virtually for now).

"Focus on your impact, not on your numbers." - Alyssa Curran

2. “Focus on your impact, not on your numbers.”Alyssa Curran. This came during a panel of five wonderful ladies discussing “Networking in a Social Media Age:” Lissa Monet Morales, Cassie Betts, Mona Shaw Anderson, Michelle Olvera, and Alyssa Curran. This panel was full of just general great advice on social media networking, etiquette, and growing your audience. But in a blogging world full of OMG MY NUMBERS MY STATS MY FOLLOWERS, it was refreshing to hear Alyssa talk about putting the focus on your impact rather than just stats and numbers. How are you relating to your audience? Are your posts resonating? Are your topics relevant to their interests?

"When discouraged, get out of yourself and do something for somebody else." - Patricia Velasquez.

3. “When discouraged, get out of yourself and do something for somebody else.”Patricia Velasquez. Patricia was our day 2 opening speaker and I admit I had no idea who she was. I learned she is an actress and model, and now focuses on her charitable organization Wayuu Taya Foundation. (In reading her bio afterwards, I realized she played Marta in Arrested Development.) Her speech to us was so inspirational, it brought tears to my eyes. She spoke about her humble upbringing in Venezuela, appreciating the little things in life (like hot showers), and encouraging others’ dreams. During the Q&A I asked for advice on how to overcome those moments when we are really discouraged with our business and nothing is going right. Her answer was to do something for somebody else. It will not only help that person, it will give you a self esteem boost and the universe will return the kindness to you in some way.

"Embody what your blog stands for." - Marian Bacol-Uba

4. “Embody what your blog stands for.” – Marian Bacol-Uba

"If your idea doesn't scare you, you aren't dreaming big enough."- Marie Denee

5. “If your idea doesn’t scare you, you aren’t dreaming big enough.”Marie Denee

Marian and Marie spoke on a panel titled “Not Just A Blogger – Using Your Blog to Grow Your Career,” along with Norah Salazar, Veronica Parza, and Melissa Dell. These ladies all gave some wonderful advice on how to grow your blog and therefore your career, but these two stood out for me. Marian told us that we are our blogs and our content. Our blog is our brand, and we are our brand. You must embody what your blog stands for, or why should anyone take you seriously? And Marie reminded us to, as Tutera would say, “always dream bigger.” Our ideas should be so big, they scare us a little. If you don’t take risks in life, you will never grow.

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