The Budget Bride’s Guide to Buying Your Future Husband’s Wedding Band

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Shopping for Mr. BFT’s wedding band has been a little bit of a challenge.  While I could spend several hours perusing the displays at Tiffany & Co, Mr. BFT would rather cut off his right arm than go shopping.  We went to one local jeweler to get him sized and try on a few styles.  After an overzealous sales gal and a few frazzled minutes where a diamond-encrusted ring stuck got on his finger and I thought for a second I was going to have to buy that one, Mr. BFT came up with a list of wedding band requirements:

  1. Silver metal
  2. Plain – no intricate design or gemstones
  3. As thin as possible
  4. Preferred to never set foot in a jewelry store again
We put off wedding band shopping for a couple months until I saw pictures of this ring floating around one of the many wedding related Facebook groups I belong to:

It fit ALL FOUR of Mr. BFT’s requirements, so I sent him the link and he gave his reply of approval.  So I ordered it, and it’s great!  He really likes it.  It’s very lightweight and thin, like he wanted.  And you can’t really beat the price – half off retail!

It arrived in a really nice dark blue box and velvet baggie.



So yes, I bought my fiance’s ring on Amazon.  Because I know how to TREAT MAH MAN RIGHT.


What do you think of my wedding band score?  I was willing to spend more, but this is the one Mr. BFT liked!  I think we both won this one.