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I came across this awesomesauce wedding while doing a Google search for “Disney Bridesmaids” and boy am I ever glad.

The bride posted these photos on Deviant Art.  The pictures and story were taken from the bride’s page.

Tangled Inspired Wedding - Disney Wedding Inspiration

Since we’re both cosplayers, we really wanted to have some sort of costume wedding, but we didn’t want to do anything too obscure to our families. We decided on a Disney/fairy tale theme and picked a date close to Halloween since it’d be a great time of year for it. 

The Bride and Groom outfits were based on concept artwork for Rapunzel and Eugene/Flynn’s wedding attire from Tangled, which was printed in the movie’s art book that I got last Christmas. I tried to contact the artist that drew my favorites to see if she could provide me with any larger images, but I never got a response. Ironically 2 months before the wedding, Disney announced that there would be a short film released in Spring 2012 that is about Rapunzel and Eugene getting married. However, the lone image released for it so far is a poster that only shows their shoulders and up. We mixed and matched different ideas from the poster and artwork to come up with our finished outfits.

Tangled Inspired Wedding - Disney Wedding Inspiration

I let my bridesmaids and the other young ladies in the ceremony dress up as a Disney princess/heroine of their choice, or wear something inspired from the same subject.

Tangled Inspired Wedding - Disney Wedding Inspiration

Back row, left to right:
– My sister and bridesmaid as Aurora. I made the dress for her.
– My best friend and matron of honor as Megara. She made her own dress.
– Myself (the bride) as Rapunzel. I made my dress and veil.
– One of my best friends, college roommate, and bridesmaid as Ariel. She made her own dress.
– Another of my closest friends and bridesmaids as Mulan. She made her own dress.

Front row, left to right:
– My little sister and candle-lighter as Belle. I made her dress for her.
– My new sister-in-law and candle-lighter. The original plan was that she wanted to be Jasmine, but she found a really pretty purple gown for a great price at a bridal show. Since we were crunching on time and I thought it complimented well with the other candle-lighter’s dress (Belle), we just went with it.

Tangled Inspired Wedding - Disney Wedding Inspiration

My step-mom and aunt picked out a bouquet of calla lilies for me. When shopping for stem flowers for my bridesmaids, I found the perfect lily that looked just like the golden flower from Tangled. I thought it would be a great touch to go with my Rapunzel wedding dress, so I added it in. It ended up becoming our official wedding flower.

All content for this post came from http://malindachan.deviantart.com/
Photos by http://saraaamarie.deviantart.com/ and http://boikem.deviantart.com/

What do you all think of this super cute Tangled inspired wedding?  Can you believe the bride made her gorgeous dress herself?

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