A True “Guest” Post: Janet and Jeff’s Cinderella Disneyland Vow Renewal

A True "Guest" Post: Janet and Jeff's Cinderella Disneyland Vow Renewal

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending the Disneyland vow renewal of two very sweet people – Janet and Jeff! Janet found my website and told me the advice they read here really helped them with planning their vow renewal, and wanted to extend an invitation to me and a guest. I’m always … Read more

A True “Guest” Post: Sandra and James’ Fall Escape Disneyland Wedding

Back in October I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest to Real Bride Contributor Sandra’s Disneyland wedding! I’m always thrilled to be asked to attend a Disneyland wedding, but this one was extra special since I had been following Sandra’s wedding planning along with the rest of you. I knew how much … Read more

A True “Guest” Post: Molly and Evan’s Colorful DisneyBound Disneyland Wedding

Molly and Evan's Colorful DisneyBound Disneyland Wedding

Nearly a year ago I was honored to be a guest at Molly and Evan’s colorful Disneyland wedding. It was such a fun afternoon with this sweet couple and their guests, I feel so lucky I got to be a part of it! Molly and Evan asked their wedding guests to DisneyBound (dress inspired by … Read more

A True “Guest” Post: Michelle and George’s Animation Building Disneyland Wedding

A True Guest Post: Michelle and George's Animation Building Disneyland Wedding

Photo by White Rabbit Photo Boutique I can’t believe it has been almost one full year since I was a guest at not one, but TWO Disneyland weddings in September 2015, and I’m so embarrassed I haven’t written about them here yet. But that embarrassment ends this week! Today I’ll be sharing all about Michelle … Read more

Claire and Jon’s Elegant and Fun Escape Wedding at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel

Claire and Jon's Elegant and Fun Escape Wedding at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel // George Street Photo and Video

When I first saw Claire and Jon’s wedding photos, I practically begged her to let me feature them. Nearly a year after their wedding, I’m finally getting around to sharing their Escape wedding at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel! Claire and Jon’s wedding is a perfect textbook example of how elegant and fun an Escape wedding … Read more