Haily and Jason’s Princess and the Frog Disneyland Escape Wedding

I love themed weddings, and Haily and Jason took their Princess and the Frog theme to another level, you guys.  This Disneyland wedding has tons of clever DIY, pretty details, and lots and lots of love.  Aside from the DIY, Haily and Jason kept their wedding budget low by having her uncle officiate, and the … Read more

Trip Report – Day Three, Part Nine – Dessert Party

Welcome to another installment of our Trip Report.  You may have noticed I didn’t do a Trip Report chapter last week.  Or maybe you didn’t notice and I shouldn’t even be pointing it out.  I really needed to take a break last week so I took a night off.  Hopefully no one minds.  I freaked … Read more

Real Disneyland Weddings – Katelyn and Geoff

Hello dear readers, and a fine Happy Monday morning to you!  I know, I know … “What’s so happy about it?” you mumble.  WELL, as you will see in a second I have some ooey gooey Disneyland wedding goodness for your eyeballs to feast upon. You know when you’re a blogger and you get so. … Read more

Real Disneyland Weddings – Victoria and Brian

I normally don’t feature two spotlights for the same couple back-to-back, but I’m making an exception for Victoria and Brian (and The Roots)!  In case you have a short memory, here is their engagement session, which was taken just the day before their wedding!  So I suppose it makes some sense that I posted their … Read more