Tres Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo

Tres Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo // Budget Fairy Tale

Bienvenidos! Happy Cinco de Mayo! This is one of my favorite holidays because MARGARITAS. To celebrate, I decided to make three different margarita recipes for you guys, because what’s better than one margarita? THREE margaritas! Honestly I wanted to make five (cinco) but I ran out of time. Let me tell you, it was really … Read more

Pinata Mickey Ears

DIY Pinata Mickey Ears

¬°Ole! Cinco de Mayo is coming up so I thought I’d make a pair of festive pinata Mickey ears to wear in Mexico. Yes, that’s right, I’m spending Cinco de Mayo in Mexico! I’m also going to take these ears to Epcot next week to wear while I’m sipping margaritas in fake Mexico. Now, the … Read more