Ant-Man Activity and Coloring Pages

Marvel’s Ant-Man is the #1 movie at the US Box Office this past weekend! I loved it (read my review here), and I hope everyone got a chance to see it! To celebrate the release of Ant-Man, Disney has released this Activity packet which includes fun games and coloring sheets! Click below to open the … Read more

TOMORROWLAND Movie Fun Facts and Printable Activity Sheets

Tomorrowland opened in theaters this weekend, taking the #1 spot at the box office, and to celebrate Disney has shared these printable activity and coloring sheets, as well as some fun facts about the movie. I love reading behind-the-scenes stuff like this, and it has actually given me a new appreciation for the production of … Read more

Live-Action Cinderella Printable Activity Sheets

Did you see Cinderella over the weekend? A lot of you did, since it made over $70 million at the box office during opening weekend! If you have some new Cinderella fans in your house feel free to print out these Cinderella printable activity sheets for a few hours of enchanting fun! To open and … Read more

Big Hero 6 Printable Activity Sheets and Recipes

“Big Hero 6” is going to be the hot movie this year (I’ve seen it – it’s great)! To celebrate the release of “Big Hero 6” in theaters November 7, 2014, Disney has released these printable activity sheets and some yummy recipes inspired by the movie. Set in the futuristic fantasy city of San Fransokyo, … Read more