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Stitch Fix #4 – Spring Fling the Sequel

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Stitch Fix #4 - Spring Fling // Budget Fairy Tale

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SCREENS. You are not having Deja Vu. I have two Stitch Fix posts nearly back-to-back. Here’s why:

When I requested Stitch Fix #3 it had been nearly a year since my last Fix. I put in my request for a new Fix and sat back and relaxed. A couple weeks later I received an email telling me my Fix had been mailed out … to my OLD mailing address. D’oh! I’ve been living at my new place so long, it didn’t even dawn on me that I needed to update it. I quickly sent an email to customer service asking if there was any way to intercept it or update my address. I heard back a couple days later that sadly there was not, but I could check to see if I could have it forwarded. I looked up the tracking number on the USPS site and it said they already attempted delivery and it was being returned to sender!

At that point I relayed that to the Stitch Fix customer service and they said they would send out a new Fix to my current address asap. Fantastic customer service!

So about a week later guess what shows up at my door … my ORIGINAL Fix, with the yellow forwarding address label attached. Errg. So I emailed Stitch Fix to let them know my original Fix was NOT sent back, and I had it in my possession. At that point, my replacement Fix had already been shipped. I received it two days later.

So that’s the fascinating story about how I came to possess two Fixes at once. Not great for my ever dwindling bank account but super fun none-the-less.

Receiving two Fixes at once was really interesting. Two different stylists reviewed my one profile and Pinterest boards and chose five completely different items. I really expected the packages to have some, if not all of the same items, like they are chosen by some computer algorithm or something. But then I realized that it’s coded as a completely new Fix, so there wouldn’t be any repeats.

Anyway! On to the Fix!

Eight Sixty – Bobbi Textured Stripe Peplum Top
Really liked this top on me much more than seeing it in the box, but peplum and I do not generally get along. As you can see in the side view photo, I look not just pregnant but full term pregnant.

Very J – Karson Textured Pencil Skirt
I really love pencil skirts and this one was very pretty, but too tight. Difficult-to-walk tight. Also, not sure about that shade of blue. It’s very bright, it’s a “power color” but pairing it with items already in my closet would have been tricky.

41Hawthorn – Bell Solid Sleeveless Tie-Neck Blouse
Very pretty top; I have a dark pink top that is very similar, and I have a couple of white tops that I never wear because I think I look weird in white. I liked it paired with the skirt. I look so grown up!

Ezra – Davina Scallop Stripe Textured Fit & Flare Dress
Loved this dress! The stretchy material made it fit great, the style was very flattering, and there was just the tiniest bit of sparkle woven throughout. But I already have two similar dresses in the same coral shade.

Stitch Fix #4 - Spring Fling

Boob close-up for the benefit of the sparkle. Can you see it?

I paired it with the ivory cardigan from Fix #3 … man, that cardigan was really growing on me!

Kris Nations – Colusa California State Necklace
My stylist wrote that she thought I’d like this because I pinned a couple similar ones on Pinterest … she was right! How adorable is this dainty CA necklace?

So which item(s) did I keep?

Stitch Fix #4 - Spring Fling // Budget Fairy Tale


I kept the coral dress! Despite already having A LOT of coral in my closet, when a piece of clothing fits this well, you just can’t pass that up. And at $58 the price was decent – not outrageous like some items I’ve received in the past. If it was any higher priced I probably would have passed on it.

I paired it with the ivory cardigan I picked up at Old Navy and some white booties I’ve had forever, purchased at Hot Topic.

I also kept the California necklace! At $42 it was a little more than I would probably spend on a necklace but I just couldn’t resist it. I’ve worn it every day since it arrived!

What do you think of my picks? What would you have kept?

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