John Stamos Proposes to World’s Luckiest Lady at Disneyland

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John Stamos Proposes to World's Luckiest Lady at Disneyland


One of my fantasy boyfriends, John Stamos, is officially off the market.

This past weekend the Disney super-fan – who loves Disneyland so much he purchased the “D” from the old Disneyland entrance sign just to, you know, have around the house – proposed to his girlfriend Caitlin McHugh with a custom message on the screens in the Animation Building.

It looks like they had the Animation Building in Disney California Adventure to themselves when an image of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid appeared on all the screens, holding a sign that read “Go on an ask the girl!”

Disney Animator Paul Briggs pulled an assist with the special artwork.

And as if you weren’t jealous enough right now, a CNN report says the couple then went to 21 Royal to celebrate with friends and family.

Double sigh.

Well, she seems like a lovely lady and I’m sure they will be very happy together, grumble grumble.

I mean, they do seem cute. It’s impossible to hate a couple that Disneybounds together.

I'll be Prince Eric to your Ariel any ol' time. ❤ @caitlinskybound #disneybound

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Now we can look forward to the lavish in-park Disneyland wedding they will surely be having. #goals

Image source: @caitlinskybound