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Spring is here, which means I’m back to wearing shorts, tanks, and flip flops when I’m visiting Disneyland. Being a California girl, I can handle boots and scarves weather for just a couple months. It seems like we are having an early spring, and have already had a week of 90 degree weather! So I’m planning ahead and putting together some cute spring fashion for Disneyland visits.

Tiki Room Chic

Spring Fashion for Disneyland

Vixen Voodoo Top in Lime Green from Pinup Girl Clothing // Skip to My Honolulu shorts from Modcloth // Canvas shoes in white // Tiki Bird Necklace by SpoonfulOfWhimsy on Etsy // Pineapple Burst Lulu Purse from Sourpuss Clothing // Tropical Tiki Head Dangle Dangling Drop Earrings

Ariel Inspired Outfit

Spring Fashion for Disneyland

Urban Mermaid Tee by Adorkable Apparel // Kelly green skirt // Ariel Ear Hat // Ariel Necklace by AnimeCoutureJewelry on Etsy // Ariel Bangle by Alex and Ani // Green TOMS

I’m also sharing what’s in my Disneyland bag for spring. For spring and summer it’s all about ponytails, colorful sunglasses and bright pink lipgloss, like this one from the “Fiery Spirit” Beautifully Disney collection (RIP).

What's in my Disneyland Bag for Spring

What's in my Disneyland Bag for Spring

Sunscreen – This one’s a no brainer! You gotta protect that gorgeous skin while you’re waiting in long queues. I prefer the spray sunscreen because it’s less messy.
Sunglasses – I used to always wear the same pair of black sunglasses, but recently I’ve been branching out and trying new colors and styles. My current favorites are these turquoise Kate Spade glasses I got at their outlet.
Hair ties – Ponytails are a must during spring and summer heat, and they are more fun with colorful elastic ties.
Feminine Products – It’s always best to be prepared so I always have feminine products with me, even if I know I’m not going to need it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at Disneyland and a friend needed one, or even a stranger in the restroom. It beats having to buy one from the unreliable machine (although now that I think about it, I bet if you asked at City Hall or the First Aid Center, they would have them). U by Kotex® pads now have 3D Capture Core technology so you can wear your cute white shorts with confidence, and they are thin enough to stash in your purse, clutch, or makeup bag without it taking up too of your valuable handbag real estate.
Lip gloss – My lips get really dry in the heat and I’m reapplying lip gloss constantly. Lately I’ve been loving bright pinks!
Snack bar – While I love Disneyland food, sometimes dealing with my allergies is a challenge so I never go to Disneyland without a snack bar that I know is safe for me.
Phone/camera – Nowadays they are usually one in the same! But of course you need your camera for selfies on Big Thunder and pictures for #MatterhornMonday.

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