Should You Show Dates on Your Blog Posts?

Should You Show Dates on Your Blog Posts?


On your blog you have the option to show the dates on your posts.  Lately I have noticed that a lot of blogs have removed the dates from their posts, and I got me thinking as to WHY they would do this.  What is the benefit?  As a reader, it personally drives me crazy.  I like to know when a post was written so I can gauge its relevancy. And then I thought … maybe that’s why bloggers remove the dates from their posts, so they are always relevant.  I’m sure it works on some level.  But for me, if I see a post is not dated, I’ll click away!


I wasn’t sure if I was the only person who felt this way, so I asked some of my fellow bloggers to chime in.


“I like to date my blog posts because it’s easier for both me and my readers to find a particular post when going back in my archives. If I wrote a post about “10 Summer Date Night Ideas” chances are that I wrote that in May or June as the summer season was beginning. It makes finding it that much easier!” – Danielle of Framed Frosting


“I do not like not being able to see the date on a post. I scroll down to comments to see if it is a current post. Mine are dated.” – Kathe of Kathe with an E

“I have mine dated; if the content is good it will stay “timeless” no matter when it was written.” – Kendra of B K Darr


“It depends on the blog’s content/niche. On my CEO of Me site I took the dates off because most all of the articles are evergreen and I want that site to look more like a website than a blog.  On my personal / lifestyle blog I have the dates even though a lot of that content is evergreen; I feel it is more of a blog and I do post more seasonal topics, weekly link up, and Wordless Wednesday posts so those really need to show the date on the post info. I guess it just depends on what you are going for with your site and whether the content is evergreen or not.” – Misty of  CEO of Me, Inc and Just Misty


“I document a lot of moments in my family’s life on my blog and consider mine to be a little more “family lifestyle” so it really helps to have the dates on my posts. Then I know when we went on that trip, or when my daughter said those silly things I posted about. It just makes more sense for me, but I totally understand why some would consider making their content ‘timeless!'” – Chelsea of Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles


So it seems I’m not the only one who finds dateless blog posts annoying!  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Do you show the dates on your blog posts?