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DIY Ruffle Disney Easter Baskets

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DIY Ruffle Disney Easter Baskets // Inspired By Dis

These cute little ruffle Disney Easter baskets are perfect for little ones collecting eggs and candy during an egg hunt! I made them both in one sitting over the course of an afternoon. Creating the ribbon ruffle is a little time consuming but the rest is cake! Mmmmm, cake. And if you don’t want to make it Disney themed (gasp), you can use any color ribbon you like. But I HIGHLY recommend making everything you touch Disney themed.

DIY Ruffle Disney Easter Baskets // Inspired By Dis

DIY Ruffle Disney Easter Baskets // Inspired By Dis


DIY Ruffle Disney Easter Baskets // Inspired By Dis


DIY Ruffle Disney Easter Baskets // Inspired By Dis

Step 1 – Paint the handle and top ridge of your basket. Let sit about an hour to dry.

Step 2 – While the paint is drying, create the ruffled ribbon. Thread your needle with the nylon thread and knot it at the end. You may need to double or triple knot the thread so it won’t go through the ribbon when you pull on it. I used nylon because it’s “invisible” with most fabrics, but you could also use a thread to match your ribbon.

Starting at one end of the ribbon, thread the needle in and out along the top of the ribbon, like an accordion. I hope you can follow along with my really technical crafting terms. Keep going along the length of the ribbon. Once you reach the end of the ribbon, bunch up the ribbon along the thread to create ruffles then tie your thread in a double knot to keep the ruffles in place. The ruffles should be small – if you create really large ruffles, the ribbon won’t lay flat against the basket AND you won’t have enough ribbon to wrap all the way around your basket. As it is I was just a little bit short and had to do some ribbon adjusting at the end to make sure the basket was covered.

Step 3 – Glue one end of the ribbon to the bottom edge of the basket and press down for a couple minutes while it dries.

Step 4 – Carefully wrap the ribbon around the basket, gluing here and there so the ribbon stays in place, until you reach the top of the basket. Secure the end of the ribbon with glue.

DIY Ruffle Disney Easter Baskets // Inspired By Dis

I really love how these came out! I hope my nieces like them when they are visiting for Easter!

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