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Red Roses Disneyland Wedding Inspiration Board

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I just love red roses for weddings. They are so classic and romantic. I wanted to make a simple board spotlighting just red roses in Disneyland weddings. I see a lot of black, red, and white wedding palettes (which makes total sense with white bridal gowns and black tuxedos) but red roses can be complimented by so many different colors. Some unique pairings are red and bright lime green, red and violet, and red and turquoise. Red roses fit in just about anywhere, as seen here lining the aisle of the Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel Wedding Garden or as centerpieces at The Disneyland Hotel’s Sleeping Beauty Pavilion. Of course red roses always look great as a bridal bouquet or on top of yummy Disney cake. The red rose even inspired one of this season’s Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings by Alfred Angelo Maidens gowns.

Red Roses Disneyland Wedding Inspiration Board

All images sourced from the official Disney Weddings Inspiration Gallery.

How do you feel about red roses in weddings? Would you choose them for your own wedding?

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