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I am so excited today to have the opportunity to feature another Real Disneyland Wedding!  Today’s pictures come from Christina and Ransen, and photographer Jason Lanier. Try not to pass out from the overwhelming beauty you are about to lay your eyes upon.

From the bride:

Ransen and I met in high school but did not start dating until college. Ransen’s first visit to Disneyland was on a trip with me and my family in 2006, while I have been going regularly since I was little. Once he fell in love with Disneyland, I knew I could fall in love with him. 🙂 We live in Hawaii and try to plan a trip out to Disneyland at least every 2 years. It seems like such a long time to wait but part of the fun for us is building up the excitement of our next trip. On rough days at work, we text each other mouth-watering pictures of churros and turkey legs along with memories of our favorite times spent in Disney.

We were engaged in June 2010 on a month-long road trip in the south. It has always been a dream of mine to stick my toes in the Mississippi River. On the first day of our trip, after arriving in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Ransen took me to a lovely park right along side the Mississippi River. That night, under the lights of the Mississippi Bridge, he got down on one knee and proposed…. We were both still in our wrinkled pajamas after the 15 hour trip from Hawaii.

Our Disneyland wedding was a must for us. When planning the happiest day of our lives, we knew that Disney was the only place that could truly incorporate the magic into our fairy tale ending. We loved every bit about our wedding. Some highlights included the confetti wands, Mickey Ice Cream Bars served with our cake, and a surprise visit from Mickey and Minnie. Our planner, Traci, was by far the BIGGEST perk of our DFTW. I absolutely treasure the relationship I have built with her. The next morning at our Castle Photo Shoot, we couldn’t get over how absolutely magical it was to be in the park before it opened. I had never seen Main Street so empty in my life. Even with no guests in sight, the carousel was lit up and spinning and the music was being piped into Main Street. Now every time we visit we look at the park in a whole new light. Disneyland was such a special place in our hearts before and now…. words can’t describe. We look forward to bringing our children here for years to come.

Aww, *sniff sniff*

Without further ado, here are the magical pics!

Photography: Jason Lanier Photography
Ceremony: Rose Court Garden
Reception: Sleeping Beauty Pavilion

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