Our Disneyland Engagement Pictures

Couple posing at Disneyland Main Street Cinema

I know in my last post I said I would discuss the site visit and reception location next, but let’s talk about engagement pictures for just a second. I knew I wanted to take engagement pictures at Disneyland.  With Disneyland weddings you have the option of taking pictures in front of the castle before the … Read more

Why I Decided to Start a Wedding Planning Blog, or, Why I Think I’m Special

After I first became engaged, I scoured the interwebz for wedding inspiration websites, and have since become a bit of an obsessive blog-follower. Some of my favorite wedding blogs are OffbeatBride.com, RocknRollBride.com, APracticalWedding.com, TheBrokeAssBride.com, and DisneyWeddingBlog.com. But, I haven’t been able to find a blog that EXACTLY suits what I’m trying to do, which is plan … Read more