The Best Mother’s Day Gifts on Etsy

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Mother’s Day is in one week! If you need a little help picking out that perfect, personalized gift, be sure to check out these Mother’s Day gifts on Etsy. Etsy is so popular for weddings but I always forget it exists for other things, too. (Same with Pinterest!) Popular gifts include mother/daughter necklaces, custom wall art, and birthstone jewelry. I simply had to include a little Disney as well. Wishing all the mothers out there (and that includes pet mothers) a happy Mother’s Day!


1. Burlap Pillow // 2. Birthstone Bracelet // 3. Burlap Print // 4. “This is Champagne” Mug // 5. “Keep Calm and Call Mom” Card // 6. Disney Mom Shirt // 7. Mother and Child Elephant Necklace // 8. Custom Photo Earrings // 9. Birthstone Cascade Necklace