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People may be surprised at some of the “non-traditional” aspects of our wedding, but one wedding tradition that I love is cake.  I love a big, cleverly decorated wedding cake.  I knew this was considered a must-have at our wedding.

Over the past months I have been actively seeking cake inspiration.  There is SO. MUCH. OUT. THERE.  It can be overwhelming.  

I was struggling with choosing a cake design, which I had to do before we could get our initial budget from our venue.  Then I stumbled upon this design, tweeted by Martha Stewart Weddings during NYC Bridal Market.

Photo tweeted by @MarthaWeddings

I instantly fell in love with this cake, especially the color. I had a vision of this cake but, instead of butterflies, it would have a cascade of the fabric flowers I am making for the centerpieces.

I quickly made up an extremely crude inspiration board and sent it to our planner.

Pardon my design talent.

I was a bit disappointed to learn they couldn’t attach my fabric flowers to the cake (I’m assuming that’s against some kind of health code), BUT our chefs can make sugar flowers to match my fabric flowers AND it’s all within the budget we set aside for our cake.  WIN.

It’s a relief to have one more thing checked off the list.  What do you all think of my final cake design?

Edited to add:

Here’s the final product! What do you think?

{Photo by Root Photography}

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