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[Editor’s note – I have been working on this post bit by bit for a while now and was saving it for a rainy day when I had writer’s block.  BUT, I figured I better get it up before it is no longer relevant!! – MM]

As much as I tried, I couldn’t resist catching a glimpse of the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding special on the E! channel a couple weeks ago.  I must say, aside from the manufactured arguments, I found the whole affair quite boring.  Everyone dressed in white? Boring.  Plain white rose bouquet? Boring.  The only thing that brought a smile to my face was Mason happily trotting down the aisle.

I thought it would be fun/depressing to compare our wedding to the Kardashian wedding using the data compiled in this article in the Hollywood Reporter, Kim Kardashian’s Wedding by the Numbers and also the below graphic by The Brilliance Blog.  I find it quite odd that such a plain looking wedding can be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive!

The happy couple. (Photo from www.weddingfashioning.com)

$2.5 Million: Price of Lorraine Schwartz headpiece she wore to walk down the aisle.

I am blown away by this one.  That ugly thing cost $2.5 million?  I probably wouldn’t scoff as much if I found the look pretty at all, but I just don’t.  She could have tied some packing twine around her head and it would have had the same affect.  Cost of my headpiece = $0. Unless you count my homemade veil, which will cost around $20.

20.5 carats: Size of Schwartz engagement ring, which cost $2 million.

I mean, once you get above 10 carats, does it really matter?  Cost of my >1 carat diamond and pink sapphire ring = $2,800 (a major splurge for us).

$10 million: Cost of Schwartz jewelry she wore on her wedding day, which she called her “something borrowed.”

She spent $10 million and forgot to get a necklace.  Whoops. Cost of my wedding jewelry = $TBD, but I’m going to TRY MY BEST to keep it under $10 mil.

$200,000: Cost of Kardashian’s wedding band, which consists of 15 carats of emerald-cut diamonds.

What’s another $200,000 when your engagement ring cost $2,000,000? Cost of my wedding band = $0. I am lucky enough to have the one ring, let’s not get greedy.

$150,000: Price of Kardsahian’s hair, makeup and grooming, as reported by Us Weekly.

The real question is, what falls under “grooming?” *shudders*  Cost of my wedding day hair and makeup = $300 by Fairytale Hair and Makeup, they are awesome and I know I’ll look 10x better than any Kardashian.

$10,000: Price of Lehr & Black designed crystal-embellished black-and-white engraved gatefold invitations.

It is always wise to spend $10k on something that will end up in a landfill.  Cost of our invititations = $TBD

$1.5 Million: Price People magazine paid for licensing fees for the photos and exclusive access.

Price People magazine is paying for exclusive access to our wedding photos = $0 (but there’s still time.)

3: Number of custom-made Vera Wang gowns Kardashian wore.

With all those costume changes, did she get to spend anytime enjoying her reception at all??? Number of custom-made Vera Wang gowns I will wear = 0.

5 Million: Estimated number of total viewers for Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event.

Estimated number of total viewers of the BFT wedding = 0 (but again, there’s still time.  Are you reading, E! Channel?)

9.3 Million: Kardashian’s Twitter Followers.

Number of BFT Twitter Followers = 210. Almost there.


$15,000: Cost of 10 tier wedding cake.

Not gonna lie, a 10 tier wedding cake would be super cool.  Yet very impractical for our 80 person guest count.  Cost of our wedding cake = approx $800.

$4,000: Cost of Perrier Jouet champagne.

Perhaps I simply wasn’t born with the sophisticated palette of a 1%-er, but all champagne tastes the same to me.  And to be honest I don’t really like it all that much.  Cost of our champagne toast = approx $300.

$750,000: Cost of catering by Wolfgang Puck.

Wolfgang Puck is okay, I guess, but he has nothing on the chefs at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel! Cost of our catering = roughly 1% of that.

$18 million: What Kim received for publicizing her nuptials.

What I’m receiving to publicize our nuptials = $0.  🙁

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