Happy Third Blogiversary to Me!

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On August 4, 2011, I started this little blog. You can go back and read my simple first post here. I say it every year, and every year it holds true – I could not have ever foreseen how that day changed my life in such a profound way. I really had no expectations, I just knew I wanted to start writing about our wedding and sharing what I was learning about Disneyland weddings. I had no idea it would lead me to so many wonderful new friends, so many unique experiences, and would eventually become my full-time job. To anyone out there who thinks they want to start a blog but you’re putting it off for any number of reasons – maybe you don’t know what your first post will be about, maybe you’re scared no one will read it, maybe you think you don’t have time to maintain it – to you I will give the same advice Carly at Magical Day Blog gave to me three years ago today: Just do it. Just start. Start right now! No more excuses. If you want it, go do it. Imagine if I had waited until the “perfect” moment to start my blog … I might still be waiting. Instead, starting this blog gave me a whole new perspective and purpose in life.


Thanks for continuing on this journey with me.

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