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Today we have a guest post from a fellow wedding blogger, Cris from Kiss My Tulle!  Cris is planning her own wedding on a budget and has offered to share some awesome Disney-themed kid’s reception table ideas with all of you!  Take it away, Cris!

Hola, looovvers! It’s Cris from Kiss My Tulle and Mindy has invited me to share my ideas for affordable treats and activities for a Disney-themed kid’s table for your reception.

The nicest part of pulling together a Disney-themed kid’s table on a budget is only a few of the items actually need to be of the Disney-licensed variety. Simply toss a few Pirates of the Caribbean tattoos, a handful of Disney Princess stickers, and some Mickey Mouse chocolate lollipops and you’re good to go.

Fill out the look by substituting those expensive Disney labeled items with bits and bobs of theme-y type items. I think that anything Princess or pirate is a surefire winner with any kid. And, once they see that generic crown paired up with those Disney Princess stickers – any little girl will automatically dub herself Cinderella without a second thought. Win and win.

Other “fleshing out the goodies” options? How about princess lollipops, princess wands, and princess fun bands? And for the boys? Toss in some pirate eyepatches, telescopes, and mini compasses.

Thanks Mindy for letting me share my ideas and tips on creating an affordable Dinsey-themed kid’s table for your reception. How many of you are planning to include kids at your reception? Will you be decorating a Disney-themed kid’s table for them? And, be truthful, how many of you plan on sneaking over and trying on one of those crowns?

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