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Lately, I have been really digging the look of grooms wearing jeans.  Being super formal and wearing a stuffy suit simply doesn’t fit our personalities.  We both want to feel comfortable on our wedding day, plus jeans would be a good economical decision, since Mr. BFT would get more usage out of them verses a suit.

Behold the epicness of this casual wedding at the Parkview Terrace at the Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel. Photo by Beverly Hills Photography.

My only concern is, it seems jeans are generally used for rustic themed weddings, which I am trying to stay faaaaaaaaar away from.  The only exception are the mason jars I am using as vases, but I am only using them because they come free with our spaghetti sauce.  But I digress. Seriously, I’m having trouble finding Grooms in Jeans inspiration that doesn’t look like it’s straight out of a Kenny Chesney video (Chesney, he’s still a country singer, right?  Not really my genre).

Photo by Stephanie Hunter Photography

Photo by Tara Swain Photography

Photo from Love and Lavender

This wedding looks SO FUN and I want a fun wedding.  Photo from The Sweetest Occasion

What are everyone’s thoughts on grooms in jeans?  Could we pull it off?

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