Is it Okay to Dress Sexy at Your Disneyland Wedding?

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Recently the official Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings blog shared images from a photo shoot they did in conjunction with Cosmopolitan Bride Australia. The photos are pretty, but one really stood out:

Is it Okay to Dress Sexy at Your Disneyland Wedding?
Image Source: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Ever After Blog

Yes, apparently this model in a bustier and an ostrich feather tutu is supposed to be representing a bride. But she doesn’t look like any of the Disneyland Brides I know.

I realize I’m being snarky (perhaps I’m missing my Tutera recap days!) and I also realize this is an editorial photo, not a promotional photo from DFTW. But something about the above photo just does not sit well with me. Is it okay to dress sexy at your Disneyland wedding? To me, this outfit is too revealing. I think it’s because Disneyland is a sacred place for me. When I’m walking around, I feel weird when I see someone wearing skimpy clothing, or a shirt with inappropriate language or images on it. I even feel weird when I hear people cussing at Disneyland! I realize that’s a bit silly but it’s just my gut reaction. So my gut reaction to this photo is just … no.

But really, who am I to judge what a bride wants to wear on her wedding day? No matter where it is? If a bride wants to wear a crop top and a skirt resembling a feather boa and pink Minnie ears at her castle wedding, why shouldn’t that be allowed? In fact, Holly Madison changed into a rather skimpy gown for her Disneyland reception last year. How come that didn’t bother me, but this Cosmo image does?

Budget Fairy Tale: New Photos from Holly Madison's Disneyland Wedding

The thing is, you’ll never see DFTW themselves advertising the images of Holly. You won’t find anything about Holly’s wedding on their blog or Facebook or anywhere. Why? And why is it okay to pretend like Holly’s wedding didn’t happen but okay to share pictures of a model bride bearing a lot of skin if it’s for Cosmo? The blog post does mention it’s an editorial for a magazine but it doesn’t do much to separate their real weddings from these fantasy images:

We wear white all year long here at Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons, so I’m thrilled to share a few photos from a recent Disneyland editorial photo shoot with Cosmopolitan Bride Australia. From tulle skirts to lollipops, this feature is everything a Disney bride could dream up- and maybe more!

I love you forever, DFTW. But I’m confused.

I want to hear from you – What’s your opinion on a bride dressing sexy at her Disneyland wedding? Leave a comment or join the discussion on our Facebook page.

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