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If you’re a winter bride and want to jazz up your wedding shoes a bit, I have an easy DIY tutorial for you.  I turned a pair of plain white heels from Payless into sparkly, glitterfied winter wonderland shoes!

This is a super easy tutorial that I discovered when I decided I wanted to give my pink shoes some sparkle for my own wedding.  (You can catch a glimpse of my pink sparkly heels in my “welcome” image to the right).  For these winter shoes, I decided to add some serious bling to the heel to take the sparkle factor to another level.


Step 1 – I started with the crystals on the heel since glitter can get messy.  Basically use the tip of the jewel glue to spread a thin layer of glue over a small surface of the heel.  Then use the tweezers to remove the crystals from their backing and stick them onto the glue.  I was able to do about 15 crystals at a time, but it depends on how quickly you can transfer the crystals.  Them suckers are tricky!  So don’t be afraid to go slow and do some trial and error until you find your rhythm.

Step 2 – Repeat step 1 until the heel is completely covered with crystals.  There may be some glue clumps or gaps that look kinda funny, but people aren’t going to notice this from far away.  They will be too blinded by the sparkle.

Step 3 – Once the glue on the heels are completely dry, you are ready to apply the glitter to the rest of the shoes.  Mix up a glue and glitter mixture on a paper plate, brown paper bag, or something else that can be disposed of when you’re done.  I use about a 1-to-1 glue to glitter ratio.

Step 4 – Use the sponge brush to apply the glitter glue mix.  Make the coat as smooth as you can.  It will look a little lumpy but will dry nicely.



Step 5 – Wait for the first coat to dry completely (at least an hour) and then apply another coat.  Repeat until you are happy with the coverage and the way the shoes look.

Step 6 – Spray with a clear acrylic coat or hairspray to protect the surface (do this outside!)

Ta-da!  Your winter wedding shoes are done!  Pat yourself on the back or eat a pint of ice cream to reward yourself.

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Enjoy your new shoes,

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